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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In in the post!

Gifts for Margaret for our "Friends" swap.
Just a quick post today. I have been in KHRIS 'S  "Friends" swap  from Sew Prim Khris in which you send 7 gifts beginning with the letters of the word "Friends" My partner was the lovely MARGARET from Cosmos and Chrysanthemums. I have sent it off with the trusty 'postie' this morning and hope Margaret enjoys it all. I had such a lovely time doing this swap. So a big thanks to Khris for organising it for us all and a big thanks to Margaret for being my partner. I am not going to show what I sent unwrapped as I would like Margaret to see it all first as it's her pressie after all. I have a photo of all the parcels ready to go.
Hope You like it Margaret!
Michelle xx


  1. oh i cant wait to see whats in these lovely parcels,lol,postie please hurry,lol

  2. G'day. What a great idea. I joined in a swap not long ago and received a beautiful package of sewing items (and other things) from a lovely lady in France. I am sure your swap partner will be delighted. Take care. Liz...

  3. Got to love swaps...My mail man is beginning to wonder what's going on in our house as the number of parcels increases!

  4. Cute parcels Michelle!Im sure your swap partner will have so much fun opening these.


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