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Friday, September 2, 2011

Favourite things Friday.

Well Friday is here again already and I have to say the weeks a flying by a little too quickly for my liking these days. The up side of being Friday again is we get to share our Favourite things with SHAY over at "Quilting in my Pyjamas". I have two favourites this week.
The first would have to be open windows......SUNSHINE! Flowers in bloom everywhere! So yes my 1st Favourite would be that SPRING! has finally decide to pop her pretty little head up and smile upon us.

My second Favourite today is a pendant my Husband bought me while we were on holiday in Tasmania.
Now all of you who know me will already know that I have a passion for 'old china'. Within that passion is one for Cranberry & White china. My husband was looking in a gift cabinet and spied my pendant and said
"hey this would be great for you. You could wear your china around your neck". Much chortling followed from his quarter. I walked over to take a look and just loved it. You see it is indeed a piece of 'old china' (1850's to be precise) set in a handmade silver frame. It is a piece of the rim of an old plate. I have looked everywhere this morning for the artist's name but couldn't find it. So Sorry.
So my lovely pendant lets me take my 'old china' with me whenever I feel the need and reminds me of a wonderful holiday in a most beautiful part of Australia.
Whats your favourite thing today?
This beautiful sentiment comes from Mo at ROSE PETALS FROM HEAVEN.
Blessings Michelle xx

P.S. How to ruin a lovely finish. I have caused some confusion it seems with my "Christmas Bakehouse" quilt. The quilt pattern itself has a sign that says "Christmas Bakeshop" on the canopy at the top of the quilt whereas the cover of the pattern says
"Christmas Bakehouse". This title refers to the fact that it is a series called "Christmas Bakehouse" the quilt being one of the patterns in the series. The other 2 patterns are incomplete at the moment. I'm sorry if I confused anyone. When ordering if you mention either name I will know what you mean. Thanks!
"Christmas Bakeshop" quilt of the Christmas Bakehouse series.


  1. Wow, love your favorites. That necklace is beautiful and open windows, I'm right there with you! Wish I could do it more often but hubs has bad allergies. :(

  2. Love your pendant and I can imagine your hubbie having a giggle about wearing your china.


  3. What a lovely necklace!

    We are headed into Fall here in the US, enjoy Spring!

  4. Nice favorites .. I agree with the open windows .. and what a lovely necklace.

  5. Lovely favourites, love that spring is here but not loving the hayfever that is affecting me slightly. But spring is disappearing again on the weekend. Love the pendant

  6. Your pendant is just gorgeous. The sun has shone here today too and you can smell spring in the air.. beautiful.

  7. The pendant is just so lovely... and Spring is just perfect.... happy skip...

  8. I am loving the Spring burst too. Plum tree blossoms are popping like popcorn here.
    Your china pendant is just gorgeous. I have seen brooches made from blue and white china but never pendants. Is it perfect.

  9. What a beautiful pendant and how wonderful of your husband to think of you when he saw it.
    I'm loving Spring too, such beautiful weather (most of the time).

  10. I had to laugh when I read your post because I spent today going around to every room and opening windows wide too. We had lovely sunshine and it was a perfect day to let the fresh air in.

  11. Clever artist recycling a piece of a old china to make your gorgeous pendant.
    Loving the spring colours especially the neighbours fruit trees covered in blossom.

  12. Nothing quite like opening those windows and letting in some nice fresh air ,thankfully it is still possible for us too ,lovely fall days. I love....... the necklace , now someone was really thinking there , how clever and beautiful . Beautiful pattern too!!

  13. What a unique pendant, and that sentiment is after my own heart. Great favorite. Happy weekend!

  14. I agree with you about sunshine, I love opening the curtains as soon as I'm up and love airing the house in warmer weather. Your pendant is beautiful and sounds perfect for you.

  15. Your pendant is beautiful. I just love the bakehouse quilt. What beautiful detail.

  16. Late to my own party this week!

    Your pendant is so unique. I adore the idea of having a piece of history around my neck. It's beautiful.

    I'm completely with you on loving Spring weather. I'm ready to kick winter to the kerb!

  17. Love your stitchery. I'm new to your blog. I love it and now a follower! Stop by and see us...follower us too! Luv

  18. Love your favorites and your quilt....lovely pendant.Its just getting to be spring where you live....its getting close to fall here. Trish

  19. LOVELY flowers. And oh that pendant - wow - that is AMAZING!!


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