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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A thing of Beauty

Good morning all, I visited my Friend Lorel yesterday for our stitching day. We were a bit light on the ground as several of us are off kicking up our heels on holiday in this great land of ours and some were unwell. We still managed to talk lots and stitch little. I wanted to share with you a photo of an orchid that Lorels husband has grown. It had 4 flower spikes on it, each about 3 foot long and covered with exquisite blooms of a dusty pink. It was absolutely a stunner. I hope you enjoy seeing it as I did.
Isn't it gorgeous!
The other thing I wanted to share was Block number 6 in "Country Garden". I am over the halfway hump now although I haven't felt like doing much of it lately plus I have drawn another project which won't leave me alone and I am itching to start it. I often wonder what it would be like to be an organized and disciplined person instead of  this mad chaotic and very "undisciplined" crazy woman that is me! My Mum says I have always been like it with something creative or dreamy  easily steering me completely off task.
Anyway I wish all of you a myriad of wonderful daydreams to keep your spirit company.

Happy Sttiching,
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. The orchid was a pretty pink color really are having a time getting over this bug you had....hope your better by now. Trish

  2. The orchid is beautiful Michelle,hope you are much better i am still trying to fight it off,and i think it is winning,lol

  3. Beautiful orchid and such a stunning colour. Great effort by the grower!
    Your stitching is looking great. Always good to be over the hump and running down the other side!
    Give in to temptation and start something new. You know all the other projects will still be there waiting when you come back!! (Oops, sorry, shouldn't lead you astray.)

  4. Beautiful orchid, I love your potting shed stitchery.

  5. lovely orchid. What's wrong with being a mad chaotic, undisciplined, crazy woman. You know you will always find good company..
    Another gorgeous stitchery. Can't wait to see your new itching design. The sooner you start the sooner we get to see it- go for it, I say!

  6. Hello Michelle,

    Oh your fiends hubby has done a stunning job on growing those orchids. I bet the blooms will last for ages. Love your potting shed block.
    Good luck with the stitching.
    Happy days.

  7. I cant do Orchids no matter how I try . I really think it's a gift and Lorel's husband seems to have it!

    Mad + undisciplined = lots of fun for the rest of us and a huge creative spirit for you. Keep at it!

    Happy stitching Michelle.

  8. Beautiful orchid ,and a lovely stitchery too , so cute! I think creative people tend to be like that , hard to keep focused sometimes , so many things tempt us .You do amazing work so I think whatever you are doing now keep it up!

  9. I thought undisciplined, mad chaotic and crazy was normal!!Isn't it the others who are not!!!
    I absolutely love the potting shed block Michelle, can't wait to see the rest..

  10. What a beautiful orchid!!! We only see stuff like that here in very expensive florists, lol. Michelle I adore your potting shed - enjoy the creative madness, lol!

  11. Those orchids are so beautiful Michelle- such a soft, delicate colour.


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