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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Today I have a little poem in honour of Melodys return and a table cloth that my grandmother embroidered and crocheted the edge on. Her crocheting always amazed me as she couldn't read a pattern and did it by sight or copying. She called them longs and shorts instead of trebles or double crochet. The pink and white cup and saucer was her favourite (it's Colclough) and the fruit set was my grandfathers (Clarice Cliff only recently discovered that). He was a minister as I have shared earlier and they always had people stopping by for tea. I feel really connected to my grandmother when I look at the embroidery and like to think my love of stitching was passed down from her.
The Ditty:
The week has rolled around again to Melody's Tuesday Treasure.
Where we can share the special people, places and things that give us pleasure.
We take guided tours down each others "Memory Lane",
Finding smiles, chuckles and sometimes tears again and again.
We're certainly not part of the "throw away set".
You're more likely to hear us say "there's life in it yet".
Custodians of keepsakes from yesterday,
We ensure their stories don't just fade away.
Some treasure isn't always old.
Stories of beautiful experiences or special people often unfold.
So thank you Melody for the chance to share,
The humorous, the everday, special and rare.
For more lovely treasure visit Melody at


  1. The stitchery is great Michelle... I sometimes wonder if the little bits I make will be loved by my grandies.... I am a big softie for pretty cups and saucers so love those too... and what a clever little Ditty... Mel will love it....

  2. Love the Ditty very clever Michelle and i love the table cloth,yes i think you have a lot in common with your grand-mother,nice post.

  3. The table cloth and tea cups are beautiful. I especially like the shape of the cup on the left. It is lovely you feel that connection with your grandmother and the ditty says it all.

  4. The poem is lovely and reminds me of my Mum, she is always writing poems about different events:-)
    The embroidered table cloth is very special and love the cups and saucers. Cheers Kaylee

  5. What a great poem and I love your cups too - I'm a real sucker for these kind of cups.

  6. Another talent, your poem is great and so are this weeks treasures. Thank you so much for taking part.


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