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Friday, March 11, 2011

That ugly green plate!

The other day after yoga we were having a discussion about things we were passionate about and I was mentioning how I love the romance of old china. The stories behind them, you know when and how they were  used. The friend whose home we were in went and came back with this green plate and placed it in my hands saying "you would probably think this is nice. I hate it! I inherited it and I have never liked old china etc I prefer modern things but I have always felt too guilty to give it to St. Vinnies". Of course I went in to raptures over this plate(as you will see) It's carltonware and has the most beautiful applied pink poppies and dog roses on the rim. After much effort in trying to convince her it was a beautiful thing to no avail she told me "well you can have it. I 'll know it's gone to a good home. To someone who loves it and I won't have to feel guilty about hating it anymore." More arguing insued but she won, or I won Iam not sure which,. and this gorgeous plate now lives with me. I assured her I will treasure it, which I will except I feel a tiny bit guilty now because it's so beautiful. Sam assures me not to as it's a load off her conscience.
It's amazing how we are all so different with different things making our hearts flutter. Which is a good thing.
So thank you, thank you my very generous friend!!
P.S. If any of you clever people out in blogger world can advise me how I would be able to post a free pattern for folks to download on my blog would you be able to email me some hints. AARGH!! It's driving me crazy. I am really keen to this but don't know how to go about it.
Blessings Michelle


  1. Michelle , you are definitely the winner in this agrument , the plate is gorgeous and I know you will enjoy owing it and having it on display so don't feel guilty it was meant to be yours .

  2. Don't feel guilty... it has gone to a good home with you. (You definitely won the argument he he)


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