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Sunday, March 6, 2011

A picnic in the Country

We decided to take a Sunday drive today down through the beautiful Numinbah Valley. It's such a lovely scenic drive. We took a picnic and the better half felt very pleased with himself when he added a packet of the new variety of Tim Tam - the dark, mint our lunch box. Yummo. It took us a while to find some where to eat our crusty bread rolls and devour a couple of Tim Tams with our coffee. It was so windy when we got out of the car. How windy you ask? Well as my Husband said windy enough to blow a dog off it's chain.
We still managed to have a nice day just being together and having a laugh and enjoying the scenery and I as a fully qualified chocaholic can recommend the Tim Tams!!!!!!!!!


  1. What spectacular scenery - very beautiful. Your picnic lunch sounds lovely. I love TimTams, I'll have to try the new ones.

  2. I as a chocaholic thank you for recommending the Tim Tams I will have to try them. Lovely pictures and what a good idea to have a picnic. Trish

  3. Great photos Michelle. It was so windy on Sunday wasn't it. We were at Redcliffe and almost got blown away as well. I've seen those tim tams... I am now going to buy a pack on the way home from school pickup!!! Thanks xx

  4. I saw the new Tim Tams prominently displayed in my supermarket this week and the Mint ones stood out but I left them there this time. I know what is wrong with me??
    Next time I'll need to get them for taste testing.


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