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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Misty mountain

We decided because it was showery in Brisbane today we would go for a drive up to Toowoomba and out to Highfields for lunch. We had a delicous BLT at a cafe called Marzy's coffee shop. My husband and I are passionate BLT munchers so we know a good one when we get one. We then had a piece of homemade coffee and hazelnut cake for dessert. OHH! Devine! After we hauled ourselves out of our chairs I felt an overwhelming desire for new fabric so we headed off futher up the road to the Village Green where the Quilters Angel patchwork shop lives. I sent Husband off to buy the handmade chocolates from the old schoolhouse cafe and I had a wonderful time. I bought some lovely fabric and some beautiful trims. It is a gorgeous shop and I always come away very inspired.
My aim was to also take some lovely photos to show you how pretty it is up there even when it's showery but I didn't count on the misty rain and not being able to see anything as my 1st photo will show. We came home via a little town called Esk and had to detour around a very fast rushing creek photo2. We took a photo of Wivenhoe dam photo3 and can't believe how full it  looked even after recent releases. We also felt a sense of sadness for all those who lost their loved ones and homes in the devastating floods.
It is such a beautiful spot  with lots of lovely arts and crafts and nice coffee places so if you get a chance you should go for a visit. I know visitors enjoying what they have to offer would certainly be appreciated. Photo 4  some of my booty. All in all despite the rain and mist we had a great day and now I'm off to enjoy a cuppa with my handmade choccy. No wonder I am a well built girl.

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  1. Hey Michelle - I was at Quilting Angel yesterday.... glad you had a good day... still wet and windy up here...


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