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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

First of all I am so sorry you are unwell Melody and I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you are feeling better soon.
My treasure this week is a tale attached to this quilt. It's a bit long so I hope you will bare with me.
Whilst I was stitching the blocks for this little quilt my best friend Ann and I along with some other friends had been invited to our friend Diana's new abode for a morning of stitching and lunch. As I wasn't sure of the area I rang her and asked directions. She passed on the directions and said she had to pop to the shop as she had forgotten something but should be back by the time we got there. So off we set Ann and I with myself confident I knew where I was going. I should mention here my dear friend Ann has a pet peeve with me and that is that I hate wearing my glasses. So I am very pleased with myself as I have followed my hastily written directions and we arrived at our destination. The house was a little unkempt (not like Di at all) but we put that aside feeling a little judgemental. There was no car in the garage and no answer when we knocked so we took Di at her word that she wouldn't be long and sat down at a patio set to wait in the winter sunshine. I took out my stitching (blocks in quilt pictured) and began to stitch while we waited, Ann got out her treasure from her recent holiday to show me and we waited. And waited. And waited. No Diana! The man over the road came out to look us over and we thought "what's wrong with him" but kept on with our chat and actitvity as we were having a lovely time spread out all over this little patio table. After a really long time we became worried and decided something must have gone wrong. I got out my little phone book to ring Di on her mobile and out fell my directions. Ann picked them up and  then looked down the road to the street sign and back at me with a horrified look on her face. We're only in the wrong street!!!!! (no glasses on my part) So we beat a hasty retreat 2 streets on to the right address  where we  both lost the plot and couldn't stop laughing. We were having such a lovely time on that other persons patio waiting for Di Who was around the road waiting for us.
Everytime I look at that quilt I can't help but smile. I still haven't lived it down!!
Sorry about the photo it's overcast and  I can't seem to get the light right.


  1. That's a scream Michelle. Sounds like something I would do. The quilt is beautiful.

  2. Hello Michelle,

    Oh that is so funny, I would have love to have seen the retreat. Your quilt is beautiful too.
    Happy days.

  3. That is hilarious Michelle and sounds like something I'd do LOL :-) I love the quilt. Cheers Kaylee

  4. Very funny story :D I love the quilt. Aren't they the catalicious blocks?

  5. Oh Michelle... that is so funny.... such a great story and the sort of thing I think I would do too! The quilt is fantastic too

  6. That story could only have improved if someone else came home!

  7. Michelle that is so funny. I love your quilt it just beautiful.

  8. What a wonderful story Michelle, I had the best giggle.


  9. Thank you for the morning laugh , that sounds exactly like something I would do .I love the quilt , simply gorgeous!

  10. Oh, so funny! Wonder what the neighbor told the owner when they came home? I am sure it started out with "There were two wacky ladies on your patio today..."


  11. Oh what a cack!
    I would certainly do something like that :-)

    Love your quilt.

    Great to play along with you.

  12. Great looking quilt and beautiful story, you need to some how attach the story to the quilt, as it is part of this quilts history.
    Happy stitching, Michelle


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