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Friday, March 4, 2011

It's in the hoop!!

Ya!! "Tea and Cakes" is in the hoop. Sorry about the photo. It's raining and dismal here today. Although at least it's cooler and that means I can get some quilting done later in my favourite chair. I have about 3 new projects on the go at the moment and I need to just PICK ONE! And get on with finishing it. I might actually get somewhere then but when the little "inspiration Angel" comes calling I have to down tools and go play with her and get it  all down into my raggy old book. I'm not complaining I love it when she comes to call. I am very grateful for the visits but the real world of deadlines and finishing things have a habit of waiting for me.
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  1. I can't wait to see your quilt when its finished, looks good so far. Its always hard to choose which project to do next maybe thats why we have so many on the go.


  2. Hello Michelle,

    Your project looks beautiful, good luck with the quilting.
    happy days.

  3. Looks beautiful. Did you use prairie points - can't tell by the photo. Well done Michelle.

  4. All your stitcheries are beautiful,I am really enjoying watching you breaking out of your chyrsallis into a beautiful butterfly, my how you have evolved, I am so proud to be called your friend, my heart is overflowing for you. You have gained so much confidence, the world is your oyster and I am along for the ride. lots of love ann


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