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Monday, April 27, 2020

From a Distance

Good morning everyone. I felt I wanted to document for the ages something that I have never experienced. On April 25th Australia and New Zealand mark the landing at Gallipoli of our defence forces in World War 1. It is a day where we also pay tribute to all our fallen Defence personnel in all wars and conflicts and those serving today.
Due to this hideous virus we were unable to pay tribute as we usually do, gathering for dawn services and our Anazac day marches. Something that has never happened before in my lifetime.
However we Aussies will find away. A "Light Up The Dawn " was born and Aussies all over the country gathered in their driveways and on balconies to pay tribute with candles was so touching....with children and adults alike playing the Last Post on whatever was their instrument of choice as the sun rose. Families gathered in PJs or uniforms or track pants.....didn't matter. It was all so special.
We participated too from our verandah.

As did our families.....sleepy faces determined to participate touched my heart. I am very proud of them for choosing to pay homage to our fallen Diggers.
I think we will all remember Anzac day 2020 especially the Aussie spirit that holds us all together as one.
Something else I have never done is not hug my Grandkids for their birthdays....but this year that was the case and  Social distancing gift giving was the go.
Our Charley Bear turned 7. She still had an awesome birthday and was thrilled with her "Love Heart " I Spy quilt that I had made for her....and UNICORNS RULE!
I am back to sewing....woohoo!
More little baskets....
And I finished 2 more LOVE AND HUGS FROM AUSTRALIA blocks that I began before...."the incident"
They are such sweet designs and I am enjoying them.
I have also read a book I just loved.....WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING by Delia Owen.
I didn't want it to end I loved it so much! They are apparently making a movie from the book......I am worried they will ruin it. It is so beautifully written I just hope it translates well in to film....often they don't!
Well folks that was the weekend that was.....I am going to try getting back to my drawing today now my hand feels so much better.
As I am writing this my Kooka friend has came again to say hello, cackling to alert me to his presence........he lets me get so close but it not to keen on my tablet when I try for a closer photo lol!

Such a lovely start to my day.
Be safe, be well.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. It really was a strange Anzac day and I am REALLY looking forward to these restrictions being lifted.
    Your baskets are coming along so nicely. You'll have enough for a big quilt before you know it.

  2. I thought it was a lovely way to celebrate Anzac Day - it was still very special.
    I love the heart quilt for your grand daughter.

  3. People in New Zealand did the same for Anzac morning Michelle - lit a candle at their entrance & played The Last Post. It was a lovely way to remember even if we cant all be together. I have heard of that book before & would be interested to read it - thanks for the recommendation. I hope your hand is mending well.

  4. Yes, it was a very unusual ANZAC day. Let's hope we never have to do it this way again, but it did show how strong the Australian and New Zealand spirit was on this day. Very special.
    I also have to agree about the birthday hugs. We have already missed out on two and there will be another one this week.
    I am so pleased you enjoyed Where The Crawdads Sing. I could not put it down. Loved it.
    Good to see you back to your stitching and drawing!!!

  5. A very special way to mark Anzac day. I am glad the quilt went down well Michelle and pleased to hear that you are recovering and back to sewing and drawing. Pretty stitching. xx

  6. It was a lovely way to celebrate ANZAC DAY. Lovely photos of your grandies.
    Nice to get back to your stitching .
    Great blocks and baskets.

  7. A lovely post Michelle. Anzac Day was so special, all over the country. I found it very moving to stand in our street and listen to the Last Post echoing up and down our hill from all directions. People put poppies and rosemary outside their houses, and it was so touching.
    Lovely little girl with her love heart quilt, and a lovely kookaburra to brighten the day. xxx

  8. My husband and I also stood at the end of our driveway at the road's edge. We are on a rural road, so we were alone, except for the kookaburras in a nearby tree who sang when I turned the car radio off following the National broadcast. I also loved seeing all the lamps that were made out of milk cartons - such a great idea. I had adorned one, but added a couple of blue poppies in honour of the police who died in that terrible accident a few nights prior. Our local dawn service honours those from the district who have passed away, and this year one of the greatest stalwarts of that service had only recently died, and it was sad that he couldn't be honoured, but hopefully it will happen in next year's service.
    Your stitching work is always lovely and I am a huge admirer of your artwork. So pleased your hand is recovering. We don't seem to bounce back as quickly as the children do - I don't know why, lol.
    "Talk" soon - best wishes in the meantime.

    1. Thanks Jill for your lovely comments. It was lovely the way we all came together to commemorate. I am feeling better and my hand is mostly healed so happy to be back stitching and drawing x

  9. Oh it was a very moving ANZAC day. To hear the Last Post echo throughout the neighbourhood and see candles light up and down the street.
    The birthday quilt looks lovely and am sure it will be very much loved. Your stitching looks great. Take care and stay safe. x

  10. Our world is indeed different this year, Michelle. Love your kooka, they are such cheerful birds!

  11. I'm glad you have healed well enough to get things back to what has become "normal".
    Lovely to see the younger generations paying respect to the Anzac's & soldiers in general.
    Lest We Forget...

  12. lovely way for Anzac this year.... I wonder if it will happen again as I think a lot of people took part (some of us overslept... hmmm ) Great to see the hearts quilt being loved... C looks very chuffed. Some gorgeous stitching there... will you make them into a quilt

  13. Hi Michelle what a lovely post ,yes I can't wait to hug those grandies of ours when this is all over,take care my friend xx

  14. I wonder if this way of acknowledging ANZAC day will continue next year with some families. Good to hear your hand is better and you can stitch happily again. Great visitor.

  15. Hello Michelle, I too have taken a couple of falls while jogging/walking on the property and gotten sore hands or shoulders and so thankful they heal. Esp. worrisome about hands and so happy yours are fine!
    Interestingly, Anzac Day is marked in my home province of Newfoundland because the Royal Newfoundland Regiment fought alongside the New Zealand soldiers at Gallipoli and suffered major losses. We belonged to Britain then and later joined Canada. So I grew up learning all about the incredible courage of those soldiers from down under. I would expect nothing less that the day would be well marked despite the quarantine. So lovely that the children were involved.

  16. What a special way to honor Anzac Day. I think more people are beginning to understand what's really important during these trying times. It's important to keep the traditions alive, even if modified. I'm working on the Aussie Stitch along as well, and loving every stitch!!

  17. Your little friend would make a lovely painting.


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