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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Needles and Threads Go Wild

Good morning lovely "lockdownees " How are you all travelling? Are you like me and admitting to being a bit over all the "false positivity", the "amazing opportunity to get to know the REAL you?" And if one more celebrity sings to me and tells me that "We are all in this together " or shows me their daily workout regime from their mansions I swear I shall scream!
I am a glass half full, even spilling over the top kind of girl but I think you do have to be a bit kind to yourself and allow yourself to feel a little pinged off about it all if you feel that long as you don't choose to live there, I think that is healthy.  I mean do we really have to make this a competitive thing too......who's doing lockdown most successfully....pleeeese!
So you can see how I've been travelling lol! I miss my family, my friends, my life!
And yes I do know I am very fortunate to have a safe home to shelter in and appreciate that fact! But saying it out loud is good for the soul!
This made me laugh on Facebook.....
I am still laughing so that's a good thing!
I have found that my needles and threads have gone wild and are stitching everything in sight.....I am going have to take control shortly.
3 more little baskets to add to my growing pile....
Progress on my #sewalittlehappinesseveryday project......

I am pleased with how it is looking.....the pondering is a nice part of it. Sadly is just does not photograph well!
DD did a wonderful book drive by drop I had been rereading books I had.
A lovely selection !
I wasn't sure at first if I was going to enjoy this one....but I loved it.....a surprising little book.
Thank goodness for the journey books will take you on.
My orchids that live in my front door tree have no idea about lock down and are sending little flower spikes out all over the place.....not a good photo but you get the idea....makes me very happy indeed!

Well that's me caught up folks......
I hope you are all well and staying safe. My new word for these times when we feel we have no control is.....ALLOW!
Allow a nap, allow a good old read, allow a bit of a dummy spit, allow humour, allow doing NOTHING if you choose......ALLOW!
Love and hugs,
Namaste and blessings Michelle xx


  1. Loved your post Michelle.....
    but thankful to have my hobby and to go for the occasional dip ...
    Great to see some pretty BlooMs inyour garden....

  2. Hi Michelle, from Iso in Eaglemont, Melbourne - lovely to catch up via your blog post. Lovely stitching, thanks for sharing.

  3. Well said, Michelle......I feel just as you do! Having a very lazy day here today, but I'll be back on deck tomorrow.

  4. Hi Michelle your garden is looking lovely and so nice to have plants that are still flowering.
    Your stitching work is all so beautiful,i love seeing your clever work.
    Glad you are enjoying your books,stay safe my friend

  5. Are you liking the Secret Keeper? I just started Lisa Jewell's "The Girls in the Garden"--and it is pretty good...I like to have at least 3 books waiting for me--reading is my escape from this "prison" term hahahaha

    Your garden is lovely--we now have daffodils and some azalea blooms...waiting for my iris to emerge...
    Sew on and stay safe
    ~ ~ ~ waving from afar Julierose

  6. I hear you!!! Interesting how the commercial media portrays all this..after all we don't want too many facts to get in the way.
    it looks like you are keeping busy nonetheless.

  7. Yes I can agree with you Michelle. I try not to watch much TV these days, just Netflix ( no adds). I am still working but as I work in the Operating Theater work is slowing down. I love your orchids and your stitchery.

    1. Thank you Rosie. Yes it all is a bit much! Please take care of yourself and be safe xx

  8. We are lucky to have our sewing, gardens and books to keep us busy both mentally and physically. See you tomorrow night at Wendy's.

  9. From one lockdownee to another, I do like your word for this time, "allow". I think we are sometimes too tough on ourselves. When we were going into 4 weeks lockdown I had grand plans to do a massive spring clean. That didn't happen and now I feel rather guilty about not taking advantage of the extra time. Never mind, I've been trying new recipes and stitching away instead.

  10. YEa, it is hard making all the adjustments. and it's stressful too. lots of lovely sewing and books and plants to see.... at least we have that to keep a little bit sane!

  11. I love all your new stitchery projects Michelle. I especially laughed at that wee verse! Yes these are trying times for all of us. I don't watch or listen to the news items too much as it can be a bit daunting. I think we can maybe just take one day at a time. Some days I am fine, others I feel really anxious & then others i feel a bit flat. Thank goodness we have our needles & threads xx

  12. Wonderful sewing happening at yours Michelle, your needle sure must be flashing. I don't listen to the news either, too depressing. I am playing dvd's a lot when I am in the sewing room, Abba gets a good bashing every few days!! ALLOW is a wonderful word. Your orchids is beautiful, nature is wonderful isnt it.

  13. Yes Michelle... I "allowed" myself a gOOd serving of chocolate over Easter...I don't care about the waistline for now...but as it's now ALL gone I'll get back to caraway seeds for lunch... NoT... :)
    Your garden looks lovely too...xox

  14. Love all your work and garden and your spit. I seemed to have slowed down. Not much of anything being done. Oh well there is always tomorrow....

  15. In total agreement Michelle
    Lovely to see you have been keeping busy with some beautiful stitching
    Your garden looks lovely

  16. Lovely orchids and lots of pretty sewing Michelle. Have you seen my baskets? xx

  17. You’re making great use of your time at present. Love your funny pic.

  18. So much beautiful stitching. Personally I am coping quite ok with the isolation and thankful that I am not living alone. I don't have much of a social life and spend most days at home normally.I thought I would get a lot of my sewing projects done but I have been quite slack. The only thing I miss is having a coffee and doing a crossword at my local cafe when I do a grocery shop and hugging my parents. I still see my daughter and grandsons as my daughter has been unwell. I also miss not buying potted plants for my back verandah. It is looking rather sad. Keep smiling. Xx

  19. I had never thought of myself as a lockdownee, but I think I like the description.
    Thank you for making me laugh with your thought about what would make you scream. I have to agree with you and your thoughts. I think we are Skyping ever second day with family and loving it, but it is still not the same.
    Lovely stitching and your garden has some pretty colour.
    But the books have interested. Will have to see if I can chase up two of them. I have read "Where The Crawdads Sing" and loved it so much I bought it as gifts for 3 friends at Christmas. I do hope you enjoy it, too. It is based very near to where our US family live, so there was an extra interest.


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