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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Basket Case

Good morning to you all. How did you fellow Queenalanders spend your restriction eased weekend......I poked my nose outside and then went back to my Iso life....too soon for me lol! A friend and I agreed recently,  we may take some time going back to the "outside" world.
This past week I put into action a little thought I had about my Basket Case blocks. I had been thinking that I would like something a little prettier as a centrepiece, with all the little baskets around I  got to scribbling and came up with a 'kind of' plan....I drew up some templates.....
Then pulled out some fabrics and got chopping!
I worked away at this block and I am feeling happy with how it turned out. I added a few little pieces of embroidery....a tag with " HOME" to document these times when home was the safest place to be!

This means lots more little baskets are now needed and I made a few more for the pile.
I was thinking that I would make them all different but as I calculated that I now need ninety some repeats will have to happen.  This ties in with the 'make do' theme of stitching from your stash.
I did work on my #sewalittlehappinesseveryday piece too but it needs a press to show you my time.
Just as a matter of interest to me I did a collage of reading I have done in isolation!
I am loving my early morning reading ritual! This is my current read.

Being a techno 'hopeless' I am being schooled by my Eldest Granddaughter in video chats and playing interactive games online......Nana often gets caught out in her wardrobe choices......unauthorised selfies get taken and bling added.......really upstyled my shabby favourite dressing gown I think.......hahaha! Plus I mostly lose the games! Lol!
These moments folks are the absolute jewels of life! Goes to show you can be at your best when you look your worst! Lol! What fun we had.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Good morning my lovely friend wow what a sweet centre you have designed Michelle it's just beautiful and will look awesome surrounded with the baskets. Boy you sure have read a lot of books. Nice to be able to get out. But I think I would be like you Michelle and I would feel safer at home,take care and stay safe my friend,Namaste and blessings xx

  2. that is a tidy sum of baskets still to do but will make it more interesting.
    one day we will all get let out. I was happy to go off to reject and collect some yarn - an essential shop in my book.

  3. Basket case is going to be a very interesting quilt, love the centre block! Looks like a very comfy dressing gown.....*grin*

  4. That is a lovely idea for the centre of your basket blocks. It looks wonderful.
    Looks like a lot f fun withthe grandies!

  5. I hear you when you talk about staying in isolation a bit longer but I am missing friends and good old fashion 'girly' chat.. Hubby is a poor substitute when it comes to looking at pretty fabrics etc. I wonder if you will have your basket quilt finished by our next Sunday Stitches get together - i am thinking there will be a lot of show n tell at our first time back together.. How did we ever survive without technology - it's been great with touching place with everyone.. hope to see you soon..xx

  6. Your center block looks lovely...and will make nice addition. Stay safe for awhile yet...xox

  7. I love your baskets and the centerblock is lovely. So nice to have a little time with your granddaughter. Love the "worst" photo, it give's me a big smile.

  8. Oh how fun Michelle, our youngest grandson had that bejewelled face going on when we did Facetime! I know what you mean re isolation - I am far from ready yet, although we did venture a little further for our walk on the weekend. In fact when I heard on the news tonight that 'there will of course be more cases' I thought, well, that is just want I want to avoid. Luckily I am never bored at home and I doubt you are either. Only miss seeing friends of course. Rant over, love your baskets, they are so pretty. xxx
    PS am finally making headway on your Christmas quilt :)

  9. Those adorable little baskets are going to keep you busy.
    Always something new to learn from our young folk xx

  10. Such a gorgeous special basket block as the centre of her Basket Case quilt when you sew all the baskets together...
    Love the photos of your online chats with your GD..
    It's hard to feel safe outdoors . thankfully in our small town we've stayed very isolated from everyone.

  11. Your center basket design is beautiful! This week I became a basket case too and am certainly enjoying every minute of it. Thank you for sharing your pattern with everyone.

  12. Such a pretty floral block for your centre piece. I'm quite keen to make a few of your little basket cases myself, must print off your pattern and get started,

  13. Your centre basket block is lovely
    I had my first ever video call with my GGS at Easter He wouldn't talk to me After I decided to give it a go and video called a friend who nicely told me to move the phone away a bit as all she could see was up my nose I have traumatised the little bloke for life Iam sure

  14. Your centre block of flowers is beautiful Michelle. You are making a lovely quilt. Has been a great time for reading. Lovely having the video call with your granddaughter.

  15. Oh I just adore that centre basket Michelle - so pretty. I look forward to seeing it grace the centre of your quilt. That is quite some books you have read! xx

  16. I love your baskets...but the bird just wins my heart. Face time is great. I have done it a few times with family. Our last one was a reveal day for Rachel our granddaughter who is due to have our 2nd Great grandchild in September. It is another girl..Rachel was hoping for a boy but soon warnmed to the idea of two girls. We are so blest.
    Not too much sewing going on here have done the house and cupboards. I'm getting lazy.

  17. Love the centre basket. Great "techno bling". One day we will look back on this and laugh.....maybe.

  18. I love your flower filled basket Michelle - is it bigger than the others? Where would we be without technology - have fun. xx

  19. Your centre piece of your basket case quilt is lovely Michelle - a great idea to come up with something like that. I've stitched my first basket case block - some things take me a while to get to so thank you!!! We've had some laughs with the filters too - especially when I couldn't work out how to remove a particular strange one and had my family in hysterics with how I was looking!! Sounds wise to me to keep to yourself a little longer.

  20. Michelle bonitas fotos que compartes gracias!
    tu cesta central es bonita llena de flores.
    Buen fin de semana

  21. Adore your central piece for Basket Case. Going to be so pretty, Michelle. Love those selfies.


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