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Thursday, April 23, 2020


Hello iso-friends. I hope you are all well and managing not to go to crazy.  Increased activity can be a dangerous thing.....
A sudden fit of cleaning madness overtook me earlier in the week and I decided to wash down our back verandah and the windows and screens that face it.....felt great....looked fresh and sparkling. Ahhh!
I then spoilt it all by slipping over in a puddle of water right on my back.....ouch!
My put my right hand out to try and save myself and ended up with a very sore and bruised hand.....
Our Doctor said "at my age" pfft! I was very lucky.....I put my luck down to being a traditionally built! But I have been very sore and sorry for myself.
So not much sewing this week......this is my progress up until I spilt my lollies.
That makes four!
Two Basket Case blocks....
Which adds up to nineteen blocks so far.
I read an interesting book......I had started it but couldn't get into it. But I started it over and got going straight away.....very weird! It was not a happy story but one of human endurance. I have never liked books set in the war, about the war. I find them very distressing for some reason....anyway I am pleased that I now know these people and their story.
On a lighter note reading from my Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady has been lovely. I am reading each month in turn.....
And delighting in the sweet watercolour illustrations.
Whilst I was writing this post, our hardworking postie bought me some exciting mail....
 Here's a peak......because it deserves a post of it's own....
I am off to attempt a bit of stitching today as my hand is much better, thank goodness!
Look after yourselves and stay well.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Ouch. Glad to hear that your hand is feeling better. You have a collection of pretty baskets.

  2. Oh you poor thing... thank goodness it wasn't more serious...phew...
    A good book would be your best friend right now I should think... take care when WoRKinG next time... xox

  3. Hi Michelle wow tears a nasty bruise ,glad you didn't break any bones. Your blocks look fantastic ,well done on your beautiful work,glad you got through the book,stay safe my friend,Namaste and blessings xx

  4. So happy to read you didn't break anything after your splat, you need your hand for stitching and drawing! Good though it is getting better. Your stitcheries are beautiful as are the baskets. Special post delivery there! Good to hear you got into the book sometimes they are just difficult!!

  5. Oh no! Even though a bruised hand is painful I'm pleased you do more damage ...
    You completed some pretty stitcheries and the Baskets are increasing , how many will you make ?
    Hope you could do some stitching today.

  6. OUCH! I hope you are okay. We don't bounce anymore lol. I was lucky I didn't break my ribs last year when I fell over my daughter's cat in her bathroom. Lovely stitching there. I printed 4 blocks but a couple came out larger. I tried reading that book but couldn't get into it so it is still sitting on the shelf. Not sure if I will try again, I actually do like reading about the war years in fiction and non fiction. Quilting looks fantastuc. Hope you are now managing to stitch.

  7. Oh I'll be that hurt a lot ouch!! ;((((
    Hope you are feeling better soon.
    I like how your baskets are coming together...
    and the stitcheries are lovely
    ~ ~ ~ waving from afar julierose

  8. Ouch, Michelle! Hope you have no after effects. I prescribe a little gentle stitching......

  9. Oh dear, sorry to hear about your fall Michelle but good to hear you're mending. Your stitching and baskets are beautiful :-)

  10. Oooh Michelle! Sounds very unpleasant but I suspect could have been worse! Lovely stitching from pre slip and a good time to take a break and do some reading. Hope you are back to sewing soon. xx

  11. So sorry to read about your fall, that's what cleaning can do to you! And yes, I have had that phrase, at your age, said to me by the doctor too! Rest up, take care, and be pampered for a while.

  12. that's an impressive bruise! oh dear... gives such a shock when you fall too... I bet it gave Mr R a fright too! I listened to that book and enjoyed it. Lovely blocks and I do love how your baskets are coming together.... so glad the quilt arrived... it took a scenic route I think!

  13. Ouch You do know at your age you shouldn't be cleaning don't you? lol Hope you feel better soon. Your blocks look great Take care and no more cleaning xx

  14. Wow. You don't do things by halves, do you! Sorry to read about your injuries. I do hope you are heading in the right direction with recovery.
    Lovely to see all the stitching you had achieved. The embroidery blocks are gorgeous. And those baskets are growing very nicely, too.
    Take care and no more attempts at crazy cleaning.

  15. Michelle siento escuchar tu caída ¡cuídate!
    Premiosos trabajos, tus cestas divinas.

  16. Oh dear... sorry to hear about your fall, we just don't bounce like we used to....hope you can get back to your stitching soon.... lovely projects.....

  17. Oh my - cleaning anything can be a hazard , hope you are feeling better... looks like you have been very busy the photos


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