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Thursday, April 9, 2020

I Spy....Lots of Stitching

Good morning all. Apart from the grocery run and Flu jab visit this week, home has been the best place to be.  I feel immense gratitude that I have a comfortable home in which to retreat to and wait this nasty thing out. I have also found that apart from a reputable news update, I must then switch off from all the commercial news outlets that to me seem to be adding to everyone's heightened anxiety and find a little peace. Lose myself in some creative pursuits.
What has kept me busy this week.......
Binding my Granddaughters I Spy Love Heart quilts.

They have been beautifully quilted by my friend FIONA of BUBZRUGZ

Both girls have birthdays coming up....4 weeks apart and I can't wait for them to receive them.
Miss C's .....
And Miss E's .....
As often happens in quilting....these quilts have lots of donations from lovely thank you xxx
My hand stitching consisted of 4 more "Basket Case" baskets.
And the first block by Natalie Bird in the on line stitchalong called LOVE AND HUGS FROM AUSTRALIA .....Beautiful blocks from all our amazing Aussie designers. If you pop over to Facebook you can find it there.
The other project I am just loving is #sewalittlehappinesseveryday
My piece is slowly growing and it is a gorgeous no rush, slow stitching journey.
This is how it looks at the present moment.
I am using some orphan drawings for stitching and I am happy they now have a home. It is a good project too for those lovely teeny bits of fabrics that you can't bear to throw in the bin e.g. the little bee and fox circles.
I have to admit to finding the grey very challenging to get stitching threads to show up on it and not be garish......however a little sense of pride in "making do" is a good feeling I have to say.
Stay safe, stay well, stay home.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Miss C and Miss E will love their beautiful quilted I Spy Hearts quilt...
    You are keeping busy with numerous lovely projects ..

  2. How beautiful the girls quilts are Michelle. I saw that block by Natalie Bird & loved it. Like you I try not to listen to too many news reports. I don't feel too anxious at home but when I have to do a grocery shop its a different story! Take care Michelle xx

  3. A lovely post Michelle,and it's fabulous to see the girls' quilts finished!! Can't wait to hear how excited they will be when they receive them! Lovely peaceful other stitching too.... Take care and enjoy your home bubble xx

  4. Such lovely quilts for your grandaughters and beautiful quilting by Fiona. I have cut my basket template and intend to play for FNwFs tomorrow. I think I have a plan! Nice Natalie Bird stitchery and I love your happiness piece. Stay safe. xx

  5. Oh yes......I am with you on switching off the news, to keep our sanity intact. Your little graidies will love their new quilts!

  6. Lots of beautiful stitching going on at your home. I'm with you so glad to have my home to stay in. I don't care for all the news most of which is fake.

  7. Your granddaughters will love their quilts Michelle, they are both so pretty. You have been busy with all sorts of stitching goodness this week.

  8. the quilts are lovely... I love it when they have their binding on and it makes a nice neat little frame... they will be a surprise for the girls... very sweet. I love how your daily sewing is going and the challenge of working with the grey is working... your stitchery block is lovely...

  9. The quilts for your grand daughters are beautiful Michelle, such a good feeling to get a finish. Fiona has done beautiful quilting. Your stitching panel is coming along beautifully, nothing better than gentle slow stitching. Your stitchery is beautiful too. Keep safe in your bubble.

  10. All gorgeous Michelle. Stay inside and keep safe.
    See you tonight at FNwF...xox

  11. I can see two very happy girls when they receive their special quilts. I know what you mean about all this bombardment on the tv. We are also just watching to keep updated and then onto something else. Funny how we always keep that piece just in case.

  12. The heart quilts are so lovely and I am sure they will be treasured. Lovely stitching happening.

  13. Dear Michelle, All your projects are gorgeous. It will be so much fun giving the little girls their pretty quilts. The Sew a Little Happiness project is intriguing - I keep wondering if I could come up with ideas to do that! Happy Easter my friend. xoxo

  14. Love the girls quilts. Stitcheries look great too. I like the grey.
    Happy Easter to you and your family 👪

  15. Lovely result with the quilts for the girls. They really are gorgeous and a credit to all the work you have done on them.
    Always lovely to see your stitching.
    I agree. Keep away from all the nonsense reporting on the media. Stick to one report a day with just the facts. No opinions needed.


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