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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Hello Out There

I hope you are all well and keeping your needles threaded and busy.
All my projects have received some attention of late and I have given in to a new project....maybe even two.....
Another Flowerville block is finished and waiting for its Dresden plate.....loved this one and me to a tee!
Three more Baskets for "Basket Case "......
One whole row of elongated hexies for "Wings" are done...
The new project? On IG Sarah Edgar from #sarahedgarprettyfabrics encouraged a stitchalong called #sewalittlehappinesseveryday
It is like a sampler. You draw up a grid or use hers and everyday do a little stitching, applique or embroidery in each segment.

You probably can't see it very well as could not get a good photo. I really resisted joining in and I discovered that I didn't have any cream linen type fabric to use anyway and then this grey piece fell into my lap.....oh dear! My brain told me it would be fine if I went a little yes I saved in!
My first block was the name of the project and this is the second days worth of stitching.
It looks nicer in real life. I also stitched a pair of little hexie flowers for use in other sections...
So folks! I am a weak willed woman! But don't send help!
I have also enjoyed a book my another Aussie author.....thanks Bev! Loved it!
Trying to spend some time outside each day looking at green things seem essential at the moment. Last year I never had a single Dendrobium orchid flower due to being decimated by the pesky Dendrobium Beetle.  However I discovered yesterday these beauties!

The pale ones are higher in the tree and I couldn't reach any higher for a photo but you get the idea.....that one has heaps of flowerspikes! I love that one as my Grandmother gave me a cutting from hers....very special and it is such a delicate colour.
Stay well everyone.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. The pale Dendrobium is very pretty.....I haven't seen that colour before! Good idea to start another project, we don't know how long this will last - do we?

  2. "Starting-itis" seems to be hitting us all during this lockdown...I just sent for a little embroidery pattern for something other than quilting to do with my hands...I get so restless if I don't keep them busy...
    ~ ~ ~ ~ waving to you Julierose ;)))

  3. I love the Flowerdale block. So pretty. So many beautiful projects on the go. That stitch a long sounds good. I nearly bought that book but resisted seeing as I already had 2 in my hands. Lol.

  4. Oooo - so many lovlies! The SAL looks good and such pretty flowers. xx

  5. Wow, I am amazed by your orchids!
    And another lovely block for Flowerdale!

  6. Love that coffee pot. I am like many "enjoying a coffee" with friends via Skype. Keep stitching and smiling.

  7. Lots of lovely projects... great to have an assortment of colours and shapes and styles to do... we have buds... I wonder what colour…

  8. Beautiful flowers to find in your garden Michelle, very happy the beetles left them along this year. You have lots of beautiful projects on the go, I too am tempted to do that stitch along, really tempted!! Would be something happy for this upheaval in our lives.

  9. Love all your projects and the orchids are magnificent. I'm spring cleaning and trying to keep up with Lucy Boston. Stay safe my friend.

  10. You have been very productive. Lovely to see. And we all have to disappear into a good book - often. I was very fortunate that several books I had requested at our local library that had long waiting lists came in just before that shutdown. Just getting ready to jump in.

  11. Oh those orchids are so beautiful! You are a busy stitcher - I can just see that needle flying Michelle. The blue bird is so cute and pretty. I am just getting on to a bit of stitchery again - doing Christmas bits :) xx

  12. Hi Michelle, thanks for the little basket pattern and what can I say, I am now going to jump in. Love basket quilts. I'm so easily persuaded but this is not the time for resisting cute things. Love that stitch along as well. Yours will be beautiful, I know. Stay safe as I'm sure you are doing.


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