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Saturday, April 11, 2020


I joined CHERYLL from GONE STITCHIN and my other blogging friends for a Good Friday stitching evening. I decided to work on the stitcheries from LOVE AND HUGS FROM AUSTRALIA.
I had two little bits of finishing to do first.....
I forgot the running stitch on Natalie Bird's remedied that.

Then there was a teeny bit of stitching left and two hearts to applique on Libby Richardson's gorgeous bears block...
After these little tweaks....which took longer than I thought they would, I settled down to begin the Gail Pan block....
Looking forward to seeing what you all got up to last night.
I wasn't going to put my little Easter things out this year but I received a beautiful handmade Easter card from my eldest Granddaughter so it seemed a perfect reason to go ahead.
The card.....
My Easter things have been with me for a very long time. I usually try and add a little something each year but not this year....

I am glad I made the adds a bit of joy to the staying at home thing.
I wish you and your loved ones a safe, healthy and happy Easter.

Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. The love and hugs designs have all been delightful. Lovely to see you have been able to get some of them done.
    And of course it is lovely to see your Easter displays.

  2. It's a different Happy Easter wish this year isn't it. Stay safe instead...
    Lovely lot of stitches added Michelle... xox

  3. Happy Easter!
    Love how your blocks are turning out, haven't started mine your Easter decor

  4. Pretty Easter ornaments. We need to try and keep things as normal as possible. More gorgeous stitcheries happening.

  5. Love your stitcheries. I haven't done any yet...putting away until something inspires me..he
    Lovevyou Easter Devon.
    Have a great..but different..Easter.

  6. Your stitcheries are all coming along so beautifully. I really must start on mine too.
    I love all of your Easter decorating. Your home looks really lovely. I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend x

  7. Hi Michelle wow I love your stitcheries,well done on your beautiful work,awwh how special ,your gifts from your grand daughter. I love your easter decorations ,happy easter my friend xx

  8. Easter wishes to you, Michelle!

  9. Lovely start on your stitcheries. Have only downloaded mine.
    Lots of gorgeous decorations for Easter and cute card from your GD1.
    Have a Happy Easter ....

  10. well done with the stitcheries.. they look lovely. I have a few Easter things... but do you think I can find them? silly me put them in a very safe place... Happy Easter

  11. Your stitcheries are looking lovely. i wasn't going to bother with Easter decorating either but decided to do it not only because i bought new bits & pieces this year but it cheered me up just having them out. :) Happy Easter. Hugs,xx

  12. Your stitcheries are beautiful Michelle, your Easter decorating looks lovely.

  13. Your stitcheries look lovely and I love your Easter display The gifts from your GD are so cute

  14. Very pretty stitching. Happy Easter to you too. Makes me think I should have gotten out more of my Easter things this year too. Have a great week!

  15. Two lovely blocks Michelle - you have been busy. Nice to get the Easter things out even if it is only for you. xx

  16. Nice to see your decorations, although I must admit that I found it little hard to do this year; I wonder why ;-)
    Again - lovely stitcheries,

  17. I love all your stitcheries Michelle - I have seen these on instagram & been tempted to print some off. Your Easter decorations are so sweet - Happy Easter to you & family Michelle xx

  18. Love all the stitcheries. I printed the 1st 2 but they came out larger. Can't print the others for some reason. Lovely Easter display.

  19. Oh your blocks are so pretty Michelle and i love your Easter display.
    I think your Grand daughter might just have your talent,clever girl,her card is adorable and so special.

  20. I think Easter decorations were a good idea this year, to add a bit of brightness. Your stitcheries are coming on well.


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