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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Lots of Hearts

I began with lots of slicing left overs and gathered a little pile....
Began stitching them together.....and sewing them on to the plain borders...
And finally 2 finished Heart I Spy quilt tops.....
Blue....Miss E.
Pink...Miss C.
Backing to sort and then off to our clever quilting Faerie...FIONA
As  Hearts is the subject of this post....yesterday my dear stitching friends and I took our stitching day and morning tea to the hospital where our friend Denise has had a long stay recovering from a serious illness and undergoing lots of rehab. Our hearts were full to be together once again and we shared a few tears, lots of hugs and much love and laughter. We even did a stitch or three!
We hope to be able to repeat this more often in the future.
Our gang.....missed you Jacky xx
Sandra bought along a lovely quilt by a friend of hers for us to admire and admire we was exquisite...the quilting wonderful, so bright and happy...a real treat to see it. Apparently the lady enjoyed it so much she has embarked upon another!
My stitching efforts were a few more pieces basted for my next round of 1797.....trying to keep momentum going....
A special day.
"Let us remain friends in Sunshine and Shadow"
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Both girls special quilts look fabulous sewn together with the plain and then pieced borders....
    What a lovely time spent at the hospital with your dear friend.
    A beautiful show and tell Quilt.
    Great to get your next row ready for 1797.

  2. Wonderful to have both the girls quilts finished Michelle, they will be so excited! Very special to go with your sewing group to visit your friend in hospital. That show and tell quilt is wonderful.

  3. Hi Michelle oh how wonderful to take the sewing group to your friend,she would've felt very special,what a lovely group .
    I bet i hear the cries of joy from your girls all the way down here,lol,what a special gift for them each,well done my friend.
    I love your quote at the end,such beautiful words,Namaste and blessing right back at you Michelle xx

  4. What a lovely way to cheer up your friend and that alphabet quilt looks delightful. The hearts look great with their scrappy borders. xx

  5. Oh the Grandies will love the quilts they look beautiful.
    What a special trip for your friend. Lovely to see.

  6. What a beautiful idea to stitch at the hospital for your friend. Wishing her all the very best. The heart quilts are every bit as lovely as promised - lucky little girls :) The alphabet quilt is absolutely lovely too, what a great pattern. xxx

  7. How lovely to spend time with your friend, Michelle - I'm sure it cheered her! Love the heart quilts too.

  8. The visit was a lovely friend thing to do...
    I love the 1797 pieces as they look like chocolates on a plate...
    And of course the girls will LoVe their I SpY quilts... Well done Michelle... xox

  9. The heart quilts are lovely
    How nice that you all got together with your friend
    Iam sure it will help with her healing It would have meant so much to her

  10. The quilts are really gorgeous and the girls will be thrilled.... Lovely that you all got to go and spend time with Denise... very special. I do love that alphabet quilt...

  11. I love your heart I spy quilts! I made 3 for my grands but no hearts, just squares and now I can't find them! I think it's time to clean the crafts room! LOL! How nice to visit your friend. I'm sure she will recover faster now. Are you doing hexies too? I have a hexie project in the workd too! Great minds think alike!

  12. Al. the best for your friend Denise...great that you can go and visit as a group. I've been admiring that alphabet quilt for ages......


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