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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Back to 1797

My poor 1797 Revisted quilt has been extremely neglected, so I decided to give it some love which means lots of  basting my pieces for it.
The next row is a dark so I am going with more reds.
I have started the row so as not to get muddled with the order I want.
It takes ages to get a round done best not put it away in the box again for a while.
I completed another Wings block before resuming work on 1797, just to keep progress moving on it.
And I happily now have little box of completed secret squirrel stuff.
On the subject of EPP I spent yesterday morning with friends and friend Monica wowed us with her gorgeous tumbling blocks quilt which was getting it's binding sewn down.....the colours are so jewel like. Loved seeing it as I had watched  it being stitched together piece by piece. Lots of work.

Beautiful!  Thanks for sharing with the crazy paparazzi Monica lol!
In my garden I have happy Hippies flowering and others sending up flower spears for the first time. Quite excited to see what colour they are.
My Clivia that began to bloom last week is a picture of glorious photos do not do it justice! There are about 6 flower spikes this year.

There is also evidence of blossoming on plants that haven't flowered that makes me very happy!
These plants were all given to me by my dear friend Gaye when she had divided hers. She loved her garden. So it is extra special seeing them bloom....I feel like she is looking down and smiling.
A little sprinkle of rain overnight so fingers crossed the weather man is correct and a lot more is on its way!
Have a lovely day folks.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Lovely reds for your next 1797 round Michelle. These wings blocks are so lovely. I do like your friends quilt - the fabrics she has used give a very interesting effect. Beautiful flower pictures. xx

  2. 1797 is coming along well, so is Wings! Oh my, I love your friend's quilt - such a great colour scheme. We have just about given up on our garden these days, perhaps one day it will rain again......

  3. It was lovely to catch up yesterday. Love your work on 1797. Thank you for your kind words on my quilt. Pleased it is now finished. Your plants are gorgeous. X

  4. Happy hippies? No idea what you mean, but they certainly look pretty. How wonderful to be given plants for your garden by a dear friend who is no longer here, giving you wonderful memories of her.

  5. Great reds for your next round, your Wings block is really pretty. Love your happy hippy, I ha e 3 bulbs in the garden and two are showing sign of sprouting a leaf..exciting stuff. Sharing plants is the best thing, makes your garden a place of wonderful memories.

  6. good to see 1797 out to play and lovely reds you are working with. love your new Wings block. Well done with completing secret stuff and I love the tumbling blocks quilt... its all in colour placement to have it looking so amazing.... great work Monica. lovely to see the gardens flowers, the clivia's look wonderful (no need to be jealous of the parks here!!) and lovely hippy's...

  7. Your appliqued birdie is so lovely and those red pieces for your revisted revisted quilt are beautiful. Coming along nicely. Is the tumbling blocks quilt all EPP? Looks fantastic.

  8. Hi Michelle oh your 1797 is going to be stunning,love your wings block,I hope to get some more of the holly cottage blocks prepared over the weekend.
    I love Monica's quilt the colours are so pretty.
    Oh Michelle your garden is beautiful such pretty plants,hope your weekend is a good one my friend xx

  9. Reds are going to look lovely in the next round.
    And love the next block that was finished as well.
    Good to see your garden doing well.

  10. A red round will look lovely on your 1797 project.
    Beautiful Wings block and good to have worked on your secret project too.
    Monica's Jewels tumbling blocks gorgeous.
    The Hippies and Clevias are sew prettty.

  11. Love the red round you are adding to 1797. Wings block is lovely. Love the hippie & clivia. Hugs,xx

  12. Nice to see what you are up to Michelle. Your 1797 is going to be so beautiful, I love the reds you are adding to it. Gorgeous Wings block :-) I have trouble with slugs eating my Clivia buds - yours obviously do not - a lovely show!


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