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Saturday, October 19, 2019

October FNSI

Last night I joined other bloggers for
Thanks WENDY for gathering us all together.
I took my Granddaughters BIG hint and appliqued lots of hearts for my little girls I spy quilts....pleased with what I got done.
I think I am getting quicker with each one I do!
I laid out one set and I have 8 left to stitch for each girl and then a border.
I think they will enjoy snuggling under these when they are finished.
We have just had a morning storm pass through and received a decent shower of rain with it.....sparkly raindrops on everything....
It knocked a lot of petals off my Jacaranda blossoms....
But not complaining, the garden is smiling.....and there is still plenty of pretty Jacaranda mauve to make me happy.
Happy weekend folks.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. The I spy quilts are progressing nicely. A shower of rain makes everything "sparkle".

  2. lovely hearts... you got through quite a few... clearly little miss C is a good motivator!!

  3. Your hearts are so lovely. I look forward to seeing the quilts finished.

  4. Hi Michelle beautiful work on the hearts,your girls sure will be happy,hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend xx

  5. Nice work on your hearts Michelle, lovely fabrics. It is lovely to see everything sparkly and clean after a shower of rain. x

  6. Dear Michelle, those hearts make the prettiest I-spy quilt I have ever seen! Love jacarandas; ours finally began to bloom today. It is always late... xxx

  7. Surprising what a little hint can do to get us moving on a project...sweet hearts...
    Nothing nicer than some rain on the garden...

  8. I spy quilts . . . what a charming idea for a child's quilt. These will be treasured and bring lots of happy smiles to these little girls :)

  9. What a lovely way to do I Spy quilts.

  10. I've just been admiring your applique hearts and had a senior moment, thinking, why did she only do some tops of the hearts? Silly me, of course you had laid the hearts one on top of the other! Maybe it's time for a coffee.
    These are going to be gorgeous quilts, and it's so nice that the granddaughters are waiting impatiently for their very special quilts.

  11. Very pretty hearts, will make for a couple of happy granddaughters!

  12. The hearts are coming along really well and looking great. Looks like the pressure is on!
    Lovely Jacaranda. I do miss having one.

  13. Your hearts are very pretty, the girls will be so happy with their quilts. Wonderful to hear you have had some rain.

  14. Oh the rain is truly a blessing isn't it? Dreaming for some up here the land is very parched and brown. Love this time of year with the jacarandas in brissie…..that's one thing I miss from living there...and I'm sure your girls will LOVE those quilts! xox


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