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Friday, October 18, 2019

Brisbane Craft Show

Wednesday I popped into the annual craft and quilt show we have here. I met up with my friend FIONA who came down from her home town on the bus.
We had lovely couple of hours and also caught up with Jeanette, Lynda and Cheryl for lunch. A little retail therapy happened. I bought these bee themed fabrics as I have a little project running around in my head.....I may have led my friend astray too lol!
Some new EPP papers and an addition to my cream and blue around for 1797. Also a couple of secret sewing bits.
The bit I always enjoy about the show are the quilts. I had planned to share lots but my old camera was less than cooperative. So here are the ones that turned out ok. Fiona will have some also HERE
There was a challenge entitled "Magic" and they were beautiful art quilts.
This one called "Saving Magic" inspired by a greyhound rescue stole my heart. I have a lovely friend who is very involved in greyhound it spoke to my heart straight away! Tina...this is for you!

The twinkle in Magics eye was a well placed diamonte.
These were also favourites...."Creating Magic" by Sue we Vanny. This piece was so enchanting up close!
"Womens Magic" by Alison Withers
"The Mystic Orb" by Bernadine Hine
"Believe" by Maria Mason
This was gorgeous and was a raffle quilt,  I think....Mountain Blooms by Mountain Quilters....

"Where's the Birdhouse" by Glenn's Cheng really took my fancy. It was made from mostly Opshop finds.

This piece was amazing and how you would even go about it gave me a headache!

This one belonged to the Magic Challenge and my photo is not very good but the instructions were to take a photo with the flash on and you would be able to read the message there....if you look closely you may see it.
Lots of amazing quilts...definitely worth a visit if you can....I haven't even skimmed the surface of what was on show. I find it very inspiring to see the work of others.
For me on the sewing front another row has gone onto my 1797 Revisted quilt.

And since the show I have cut and basted some of the cream/blue row coming up next.
A little person (eldest Granddaughter) has been inquiring as to the reason on the lack of progress on my heart I spy blocks lol! So I think they better get a little attention next.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Gosh Michelle - what stunning quilts & works of art! Did that greyhound one make you want to get your artist pencils out & sketch it? I love all your new purchases too. xx

  2. SucH amazing art quilts...
    Lovely day out with Fiona and met up with other friends.
    Great purchases and the creams will make a perfect next row for 1797.
    Oh best you make some more I Spy Hearts soon.

  3. Ah bless your grand daughter, she is obviously keen for her quilt to be done! So many beautiful quilts, much inspiration there! So good for you and Fiona to catch up. Shows are better with friends. Your next round of 1797 looks pretty too.

  4. Hi Michelle, looks like a good day at the Quilt Show. Alas, I will not make it this year. I like all your blue fabrics, very cooling in a hot Summer. As always, the quilts on display are amazing. The greyhound Magic is absolutely incredible and beautiful. take care xxo

  5. I didn't go to the show this year. The quilts look amazing. Nice to see Fiona. Glad you enjoyed the show. You better get onto those quilts for the Grandies....or you'll be in BIG trouble...��

  6. Amazing quilts at the show, Michelle.....I love the raffle quilt! I suppose you will bee busy now...LOL

  7. Thanks for sharing some of the quilts - its hard to remember them if you don't take photos.
    Nothing like a nagging grandchild to get you moving ...well I'm sure she was polite . . !

  8. It's always nice to go to a quilt show, especially méeting up with friends. Lovely PHOTOS, you showed us some stunning quilts. Wonder what ideas you have for your bee fabrics?

  9. it was lovely to see you. The quilts on display were beautiful. 1797 is looking gorgeous

  10. It's always so much more fun looking at the quilts with friends... lovely day thanks..

  11. Some beautiful quilts Michelle - I love the 'flash' one with the hidden message. Looks like some great purchases were made. xx oh and 1797 is looking good, I've finished a round too.

  12. Lovely photos from the show Michelle... the thread painting and quilting skills shown are amazing and I'm also fascinated with the op shop quilt - what a lovely way to salvage old doileys. So cool that you were able to meet up with Fiona. Good to see you using your new fabrics straight away!


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