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Monday, September 30, 2019

Beyond the Garden Gate

It is a very nice feeling to have a very old UFO finally completed....."Beyond the Garden Gate". It is a lovely quilt to stitch and I have no clue why it languished in the cupboard almost finished for so long!
FIONA'S quilting is lovely and I am thrilled with it....I love the leaves. Perfect for a garden quilt.

I had in my stash for years, several bits and pieces of a Violets range of fabric that I had bought just because I love the nostalgia depicted. However there never seemed to be the right project to be able to use it.......until BTGG!
AND I used just about every skerrick of it.....borders, backing and binding!

It was lovely sewing the binding down and enjoying all the beautiful quilting and the quotes on the fabric. It is now hanging in my lounge room and I am delighted!

The second quilt is getting it's binding sewn down now.
I also have been doing a little secret squirrel stuff.....
I cannot believe how quickly the festive season seems to be approaching and I hate panic....I like to enjoy the process. But we are all different I guess.
Speaking of which....I just love how my two gorgeous Grandie girls are authentically themselves.....had to share these SMILES are contagious.
Miss E. Loves a bit of something you can get your teeth into in her reading choices. She's very proud that she is reading Chapter books now!
And Miss C. adores pink....the pinker the better....and when you get to make a bear to your very own taste.....well you'd go for it wouldn't you! I hope they always stay true to themselves 💜💕
Ok must get the washing in.....Looks like we may get a storm.....fingers crossed...not a fierce one but rain would be welcome.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Well done on the finish, it looks beautiful on your wall. So good to use up up left,every last bit of your the fabric. You have two beautiful grand daughters. I have good intentions about Christmas preparations, but last minute panic usually happens here 😁😁

  2. Woohoo on the finish, it looks great in its place on the wall... perfect spot. I love the grandie girls... such lovely pictures. Well done with the secret squirrel stuff... is that a new picture?

  3. Hi Michelle wow that is one gorgeous quilt,I love the colours,I am so glad that you have finished it,I also love Fiona's quilting on it,beautiful job,you two are a great pair.
    Oh your grandie girls sure are going up fast ,what sweeties and what sweet characters they have,very precious.
    Oh I wonder what secret squirrel stuff is hiding in that box lol,hope you have a lovely evening my friend,Namate xx

  4. Wonderful finish. A very special quilt with your pretty fabric and stitching.
    Gorgeous grandie girls, too.

  5. Beyond the Garden Gate is fabulous quilt. Beautifully stitched and then quilted, and looks just right hanging on your wall.

  6. My goodness, they are shooting up aren't they! Your garden quilt is lovely,'s very "you". That glimpse of a floral backing fabric is interesting, is it an Aussie print?

  7. The girls are sweet :-)
    Congratulations on the quilt finish; a very good use of your treasured fabric. The nice thing about having an old stash, it is very different from anything in the shops now, so it makes your quilt so much more special :-)

  8. The quilt looks amazing
    Cute girls They look happy in these photos
    You must be very proud

  9. Congratulations on the beautiful finish Michelle! It's nice to see it hanging on your wall to enjoy. Lovely photos of the grandie girls - that's so important isn't it - raising children to be true to themselves.

  10. Gorgeous Michelle. And the quilting is just perfect. Love the violets fabric too. The pictures of your two little granddaughters are lovley. Storm just passing over us at the moment - hope you got your rain. xx

  11. Such a lovely finish Michelle; love the fabrics and Fiona’s quilting. The photos of your granddaughters are gorgeous 😍

  12. How great to get an UFO finished. It looks amazing hanging. Aren't Grandies the best. They bring so much love and pride. Can't wait to see your next quilt finished.😍


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