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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Stitching on the Road

I didn't get to do a lot of stitching.....too many wonderful things to see and do! However I did take my Clamshells away with me as they have been my Roadtrip project. I began them in 2016 in Ballarat after a fantastic shopping trip with friend Shez after seeing another friends beautiful completed quilt......I was smitten! They have been all over this great land of ours with me.
Happy to say that I finished the last row in Woodgate.
47 rows alternating 20 clamshells and 19 clamshells across. I chose the border fabric ages ago....looks much better in real life! Wasn't easy with so many scrappy pieces....I wanted to stay with the vintage look but not take away from the clamshells.
So that's the next job!
I did manage a little bit of secret sewing.....ssshh!
And tried out some EPP stars.....seduced as I was by my friend Sue's gorgeous stars over at Kiwi kid. Mine however are quite large but as I have cut out loads I shall be having BIG stars kids lol!
I now need to find where I left my sewing mojo along the way......I did a wee bit on my very neglected postcards yesterday so maybe that will help!
It is amazing how plants can lift your spirits. I was thrilled to see my King orchid out in bloom when I arrived home and that I didn't miss it. It had 3 flower spikes this year....I seem to be getting an extra one each year since it decided to bloom!
That's it from me......get well Bev xx Off to fill the bare pantry now!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Good morning my friend ,i feel on top of the world now and your lovely post brightened my day.
    Oh the clamshell quilt looks awesome and boy it really didnt take you that long,can i ask what size are your clam shells,think you might've tempted me,lol,it will be a good project to take away with me next year.
    I also love your stars,lol the bigger the better dont they say ,lol.
    hope you have a lovely day Michelle,sending you big hugs lovely lady xxxx

  2. Your clamshell quilt is absolutely stunning! You stars a quite lovely and I look forward to seeing how you piece them together.

  3. Your Clamshell quilt is a growing beauty and I'm sure full of wonderful memories.

  4. Your clamshells look fantastic Michelle and I love the location shot. Lovely to think it has travelled with you all that time. What next for your road trips I wonder! Hope you manage to find your mojo lol. xx

  5. The quilt top looks wonderful! Love the new piecing project too. A lovely healthy looking king orchid there; how thoughtful of it to wait until you got home for it to flower. 😉💗

  6. oh my gosh those clams are amaaaazing… well done with that. will you applique them onto the border? I like that small print you have chosen. I was given a King orchid this year... love it. I look forward to watching the stars come out...

  7. Love, love, love your clamshells!! Well done on the finish. Your orchid is beautiful. That secret sewing looks interesting, the stars look wonderful too...big stars huh!! 😁

  8. Well done with your lovely clam shells. They have been good companions on your travels. They look wonderful.

  9. Your Clams look lovely and great to take on a road trip. I'm sure the Stars will also be fun to stitch.
    Interesting secret sewing..

  10. Your clam shells look amazing. Love the stars.

  11. Isn't it nice that your clamshell quilt has a background story to it. The wonderful places that you have been while working on it. I'm looking forward to seeing the borders attached.


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