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Saturday, September 7, 2019

FNWF September

It was very nice to join in with other blogging friends for....
Our hostess CHERYLL from Gone Stitchin' magicked us all together from the other side of the world.
I got all enthusiastic and made a cut out a couple of these to play with.
But ALAS! My iron decided to cark it! So I couldn't press my chosen fabrics.....sigh*
So Plan B.....back to my neglected Postcards. I ended up quite pleased as I had not done a lot on this one and managed to complete it before bed.
So I had a nice relaxing night of quiet stitching.
On a scarier note our South Eastern corner and part of Northern NSW are experiencing terrifying bushfires at the moment, with homes already lost. Praying for friends and those in the pathways stay safe and loss is minimal.
Big shout out to our incredible and courageous Firefighters.......amazing heroes!

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Shame your iron carked it just when it was needed!! Your postcard is beautiful, love the Bendigo pottery plant pots. Hoping the fires are under control very soon.

  2. Oh no. Hope you can get yourself a new iron this weekend so that you can get back to sewing up a storm.

  3. How frustrating. Luck you had Plan B to go to.

  4. Now you will have to go iron shopping......just what you need! Your postcard is pretty and I love the stamp in the corner, the Bendigo woollen mill is an amazing place. Fingers crossed for those in the fires' path, it's quite nasty.

  5. The best laid plans.... Great to get another postcard done though. I had not heard about the fires - the news here is all about the Bahamas and Dorian - not to mention the dreaded B word! xx

  6. Hi Michelle oh noo not good news about your iron,but glad you had another plan.
    That's a great coat hanger pattern,I have made it many times xx

  7. Lucky you had another project you could work on after your iron carked it...

    Heartbreaking news about the fires..

  8. oh great... new iron shopping is such fun!! Hmmm.... lovely postcard and your new covers will be lovely once you get ironing again.... horrible fires... wonderful firies….

  9. Look forward to seeing your coat hangers
    The postcard is coming along nicely

  10. It is so awful that bushfires have begun so soon. Love your postcard and eagerly await pics of your completed pressure lol.

  11. Shame about the iron, but as stitchers we always have something else to easily jump into.

  12. Just as well we have other projects to pick up! :-)
    I hope you are keeping safe,


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