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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Out and About

I have been missing my daily  dose of nature since we got home. So we got up early and Hubby and I took ourselves off to a wetland we had been wanting to visit a little drive from home (*** side note: however silly me missed Sunday Stitchers today.....thought it was next should always check the blog ) That aside we have had a very nice day......Mr.R. was wanting to try out the new lens on our camera. Encouragement came from yours truly as there is always the chance of a future art project!  I have my hopes up for a great egret! Whilst we wandered and he did that I snapped a few pics of our day.
Very peaceful, wandering these paths between the waterways....
The main lagoon which was heaving with ducks, swamphens, coots, jacanas and egrets. It really drove home the importance of our wetlands for our wildlife. Not to mention the benefit to your health just to wander there and experience them.

 Beautiful reflections!
Some pretty blossoms to admire along the walk to the waterways.
Lots of side pools to investigate. Loads of Waterlillies but my tablet couldn't pick them up.
We were there for quite a while and when we decided we were  finished we drove to the bay for some sustenance.....I had made a picnic lunch, very enjoyable looking at the bay.

After lunch another wander. Even though a smoky haze still hangs over us the view was still lovely.

We arrived home weary but very content.
And SURPRISE I do have some stitching to share. Another Postcard block for the pile.
And a bit of needleturn applique is keeping me out of mischief.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend too.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. What a lovely peaceful spot, Michelle! We have missed the bushfire smoke, the wind has been blowing it away from down here.

  2. Lovely day out with hubby. Sunday Stitchers also creep up on me....
    Nice to have had time for a little stitching.....

  3. It looks like a fabulous way to spend a Sunday - the area looks so peaceful and you got some lovely photos. I hope hubby got an Egret for you? Nice to see that you're having a little stitching time.

  4. Wet lands are so important, as you say, home to all sorts of wildlife. It must have been a lovely peaceful experience to wander around the area. And then finish your day with a tasty picnic, what a great day!

  5. What a lovely way to spend the day. Lovely scenery.

  6. Beautiful place to go and walk and be with nature, so good for you both. Great postcard.

  7. nothing beats a lovely walk in nature especially snapping pics!

  8. Your photos & your scenery look so peaceful & serene Michelle. What a lovely outing you had - & then some stitchery to just finish off nicely!

  9. Hi Michelle what a beautiful spot to visit great work on your postcard and block xx

  10. It looks like a delightful area to explore.

  11. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing . . . love the reflections and the waterlilies.

  12. Looks like a beautiful spot Michelle - lovely pictures. xx

  13. What a really pretty spot and you got some lovely pictures..... great to see another postcard done and lovely needleturn coming along... yaya…. I did laugh that you forgot your SS day!! sort of thing I do

  14. I've never seen the wetlands in person before - very cool pictures.

  15. Hi Michelle, lovely to catch up on a few of your blog posts. The wetlands look wonderful & I love the pics, thanks for sharing them. Glad to see you received a few lovelies for your birthday. That's funny about missing your Sunday stitching day!
    Anthea x

  16. Lovely pics and your needleturned applique is sweet.


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