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Saturday, September 21, 2019

FNSI September

I cannot believe that September is more than half way through! But it also was time for our cyber get together, hosted by WENDY at Sugarlane Quilts.
I was was very lucky to have an all day Friday Sew In because my friend FIONA from BubzRugz came for a visit. Fiona bought some quilts back to me after working her magic....but I am going to get the bindings on first before I thrilled with them!
It was a lovely day and we managed amongst all the chatting and laughter to do some all good things the day went way to fast! I worked on my next Wings block and got it finished by bedtime.

I finished this one last week....
And managed another Postcard.....I am very behind where I want to be so without any stress I am trying to keep momentum going with them.
The other activity I have been indulging in is a binge-fest on one of my favourite authors. I found several in second hand book shops on my holiday and it has just rolled on from there.....ahh lovely!
Last post I mentioned my hopeful anticipation of a couple of Egrets for future drawing projects from my Mister's camera learning experiences.....
Happy scribbler! Hoping to use these for inspiration.....

Happy weekend folks.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle how wonderful that you and Fiona got to play together,think I heard you two laughing all the way down here lol.
    I love your blocks you are very clever my friend ,well done,happy reading xx

  2. Lovely blocks, Michelle! Your pretty embroidered mat is gorgeous - your work?

  3. Lovely to spend time with Fiona...
    Great fabrics in your pretty blocks.
    Good progress on the Postcards .
    Look forward to your drawings of the Egrets..

  4. What a fun day you two girls had. That looks a good read.

  5. Thank you for having me... it was a lovely day - as you said went way too fast. YOur latest wings blocks look great and another postcard... on a mission there. I have ordered one of those author from the library … Looking forward to seeing the egret - wombat is so gorgeous

  6. What beautiful photos of the egrets, is that dappled sun on Lily pads too? Just gorgeous, as I'm sure your artistic rendition will be too.

  7. Wonderful to spend time with Fiona, your blocks are beautiful as is your postcard, great to see a list of place names I know on your postcard. It is great to find an author you enjoy and can being on 😁 the egret photos are beautiful, looking forward to your art work.

  8. Lots of business there - and a visitor is a bonus. The wings blocks are looking pressure for postcards - only your own.

  9. How lovely to spend your FNSI with Fiona
    Great photos and as usual another lovey Blog post xx

  10. Hi Michelle - just lovely that Fiona was able to come for the day. Look forward to seeing the quilts. Your blocks & your postcard look so pretty. I laughed that you had a choccy bar along with your cuppa & your book - girl after my own heart !!!!

  11. It's always nice to spend time with like minded friends. pretty blocks as always.

  12. How lovely to spend the day with Fiona. Lovely Wings blocks and the pictures of the egrets are great - such elegant birds. xx

  13. Lovely to have a full day sewing with a friend. The wings blocks are beautiful.

  14. We have such a wonderful time sharing & enjoying our pastime with friends, don't we?

  15. Love your wings blocks. They are so pretty. Hugs,xx

  16. How lovely to have a day with Fiona, and to receive some quilts to bind.
    Your Wings blocks are looking gorgeous.

  17. ooohhh you have some wonderful inspiration there for your art Michelle, those pics are like postcards!
    Keep plodding along with your Postcard stitcheries, you will get them done in the end.

  18. How awesome to spend FNSI with Fiona. I can imagine a fun day was had by you both :-) Beautiful applique on your Wings blocks. Lovely Egret photos - and great inspiration for your future artwork.


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