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Sunday, April 14, 2019


I have been enjoying personalising my postcards but I must admit....lots of time is spent pondering and planning. I have two completed so far for this month.
I wanted an opal looking thread for this one. I found CGT Maple worked really well.
Because I am a bit all over the shop in which places get designed and stitched, it's a bit hard to get the blocks together. I am trying to pair places together. Still a few are coming together.

So far three are joined in the top row.....almost had two cameras together and that would have really annoyed me lol!  So for now THAT  one is hanging about waiting for some friends.
On Thursday my littlest Granddaughter did a community performance with her dance group....she has only been going a couple of months......supergirls was the routine! They were sooo cute!
It's so heartwarming to see....especially when we were told when she was a baby that she may not be able to do much physically......she's our Supergirl!
I've been playing in my journal this weekend and I am off to grab a cuppa and go and play some more. You can see what I have been up to lately **HERE
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. You have done so much stitching! Live your postcards and hiw you are piecing them. What a lovely pic of your sweet grandie with you. She is a very pretty girl...and so is her grandmother.

  2. Your postcards are looking great Michelle. So much detail in them. That is one super cute looking Super Girl there!!

  3. The postcards are looking great and wonderful to get some of them into their blocks at the time... lovely picture of your supergirl…

  4. Love the postcards they are coming together beautifully. Awww Grandies are the best. Your little one is a real super hero.xx

  5. Your postcards are looking really great Michelle and what a 'super' little girl she is. xx

  6. Nice to see some of the Postcards being placed into rows ...
    Your little GD makes a lovely Super Hero... great to see her enjoy dancing...

  7. The postcards are looking great. No rush!!!
    And well done to your grandie girl.

  8. These are so cool and all that hand stitching is so pretty and heartfelt . . . all things made with love are amazing and wonderful:) This quilt is going to be a treasure.

  9. Your postcards are coming together nicely
    Love the photo of you and your little grand daughter

  10. Those Drs just didn't know what super powers your gorgeous GD had! Looking wonderful and your food goodies from the last post .... mouth watering.


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