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Saturday, April 20, 2019


*WENDY* from Sugarlane Quilts gathered us together for an Easter Sew-in last night.
I had a bit of a Sew-in Day. I started by doing a little assembly of my NO FUSS STITCH-A-LONG from last year Ruth's quilt. I know this looks messy but it is organised chaos!
I did get several rows together before I  needed a break and my pencils called.
I have to take it a bit easy because long periods cutting and sewing gives my neck grief. I was pleased with my progress and hope to do more over the weekend.
After playing in my journal for a bit and  making sure that the Hot Cross buns passed quality control, I decided that my Friday night project would be to applique a few more love hearts for my little girls.....some the same and some especially for their tastes.
Six more for the pile.
Oops! Should have pressed before photos lol!
Anyway I had a very happy creative kind of day whilst Mr. R. caught up on some sporty tv viewing.
I hope you are enjoying your Easter break....ours is quiet and very showery so relaxation is easy.
Happy Easter.
Thanks Wendy for hosting us again.
Thanks also to Pauline from Happy Retirees Kitchen for your lovely comments. I was unable to respond due to your No reply setting x
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Lovely progress with Ruth's quilt and the hearts. Hope the hot cross buns passed the test!

  2. love how Ruth's quilt is looking.... so pretty. Does take a bit of time putting all those pieces but at least it is not too hard.... The hearts are coming along beautifully too....
    Happy Hot Cross Bunning....

  3. Organised chaos...I know what that looks like. Your hearts are coming along beautifully. Enjoy your Easter break.

  4. Love the hearts and you are on a roll putting that other quilt together. It i s difficult to stop cutting when you are in the zone but essential if we have a crook neck or crook hands. Best to have a break than do oermanant damage. Glad you enjoyed the buns.

  5. Sounds like a perfect day Michelle. Pressed or not, the hearts look great. We are in UK for Easter and it is surprisingly warm this weekend - have brought all the wrong clothes of course! Anyway, no sewing going on here although I have had time to doodle a bit in my sketchbook. Happy Easter and enjoy the rest of your weekend. xx

  6. It's a bit relaxed here too - love the heart with the cats.

  7. Nice progress on Ruth's quilt and lovely set of hearts for the girls...
    Enjoy the rest of your Easter break.

  8. Your stitcheries are sweet and the fabrics look beautiful with them!

  9. Hi Michelle
    Your piecing is looking good As always I like the colours you are using xx

  10. Happy Easter to you and yours. We had lunch with our son and family. Was lovely. Spent Thursday in Warwick with Bec and her family. Had a sleep over with my Granddaughter and Great Granddaughter. How blest am I. Your work always looks gorgeous and grows so quick. xx

  11. There is nothing better than a sew-in day - although I rarely get one! Happy Easter Michelle. Isn't the rain great, flowers are blooming. Hearts for the girls are so pretty too. xxxo

  12. Sewing and crafty days are the best kind of days, especially if it's raining. Enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend x

  13. I look forward to seeing Ruth's quilt close up....lovely post.

  14. You are making progress with Ruth's quilt - as usual I love the colors and fabrics you are using! xx

  15. Lovely to see the piles of hearts for the grandie girls growing. I read earlier that your eldest gd will inspect them at some stage - hope they all passed muster and very cool that the girls get to watch the quilt grow.


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