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Saturday, March 30, 2019

The Week that Was

This week has flown by....or so it seems to me. I have had a lovely  celebration at the top end of the scale.....chores and dental work at the other! With stitching thrown in as well as time permitted.
First the celebration. Our dear friend Jacky was having a special birthday.
Pictured here with her gorgeous new  1st grandchild. Who popped along to lunch as a surprise......never to early to have lunch with the girls!
We chose the Emporium Hotel at Southbank and were on the top floor with views across the city.....usually beautiful but it was very drizzly....but the view was still amazing.....

The gang.....
Always lovely to share friends special milestones....
The rain has continued in showers on and off and the humidity is unpleasant but we are very grateful for the rain just the same. One of my Hippeastrums is totally confused and decided to pretty!

 My last block of Beyond the Garden Gate got finished.....

Sashing is now done.....I didn't do all the malarkey that was in the pattern as I never really liked it and it was the embroidery that attracted me.
 NOW! They say quilting is not an extreme sport but I can tell you my heart was pounding when the floral sashing I decided on looked like not being enough!
PHEW! This is what I had left lol!
 Talk about living on the edge...hahaha!
I am using this fabric for the final has been put away for so long for this quilt.

These will be the final borders....

Last but not least, some coloured hearts this time for Christchurch Healing Hearts....these are to go towards quilts for the first responders in the recent terror attack in Christchurch.
So that is about it from me.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle, Looks like a wonderful celebration for your friends birthday, just lovely to get together with girlfriends & so special. I saw your quilt on Insta & thought how very beautiful it was ... love, love those stitcheries. Phew that was lucky having just enough fabric there!!

  2. Great to celebrate and lovely place to go... even with drizzly weather. Love all your embroideries and how you are putting it together... beautiful fabrics and they match it perfectly....
    well done with the hearts.... hope the dental part is sorted... hmmmm

  3. I believe the weather is nicer back down south lol. Overcast, humid and showers here on the Gold Coast. Love your stitcheries and the sashings. It is usually the stitcheries that attract me to a quilt too. How wonderful that your friend could take her new grandie to lunch with the gals. She must be over the moon if she is anything like I was with my munchkin. Lovely hearts.

  4. Hi Michelle nice to be celebrating with friends,it looks like a wonderful restaurant .
    Oh what pretty blocks your flimsy is looking wonderful,beautiful work my friend,well done xx

  5. How lovely to celebrate a birthday! Such pretty can set them however you like, Michelle, as it's your quilt.

  6. Always great to be able to celebrate a friends birthday in style ..
    Your beautifully embroidered blocks look great and pleased you had enough fabric for the sashing. Love the last border fabric.

  7. Your garden gate stitcheries are so pretty. What a worry for you when cutting and stitching the smashing, finishing with such a tiny amount left over. No wonder your heart was beating fast. A bit like knitting like the wind when you think you may run out of knitting yarn at the end of a project.

  8. Looks like a very busy and eventful week.
    Good to see some rain here, too. The garden will appreciate every drop.
    Lovely work on your garden gate blocks.You were so lucky with the sashing. Glad that worked out.
    Have a great week.

  9. Looks like a great celebration. Your Garden Stitcheries are gorgeous and I love the fabric you have chosen for the border. xx

  10. Your Garden quilt is so very pretty! Glad you had just enough sashing - it was close for sure!! Love your border fabric as well... I am going to try to do some hearts still, but let's see.... xx

  11. the quilt looks lovely - I'm sure I have that green with violets too!


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