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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Friday Night Sew In

Last night I worked on my Beyond the Garden Gate the sounds of thunder and heavy rain and lightning lighting up the skies....the garden was very thankful!
I only had a tiny bit of stitching left on Block 8 so I finished that off first.
And then started on Block 9. The last in the quilt....this was my progress before my pillow called me.....
Feels good to be so close to having them all stitched....I will work on it some more this evening hopefully.
Today however I want to get more preparations done on my next "Wings" block.
Tracing is done and fabrics are being chosen to cut out.
I enjoyed my evening of stitching thank you Wendy. You can go HERE* to link up with other Friday nighters and see what they were up to.
After such a horrible hot week, it is so wonderful to feel cool.....and everything is rejoicing in the raindrops.
I cannot finish without sending love and heartfelt sorrow to our Kiwi  cousins across the ditch in Christchurch....even though rivalry is a good way....We are family!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Love your blocks. Look forward to seeing your next Wings block. My poor plants have certainly perked up. I watered them Thursday but you wouldn't have thought so as they were still drooping Friday. Hugs, xx

  2. Not a drop here, although it's cloudy.....nothing on our side of town, at least. Very pretty stitcheries, they remind me of old doilies! Yes, such sadness for poor New Zealand, my heart goes out to all those affected.

  3. Gorgeous stitcheries. That storm was certainly vicious but the rain was much needed.

  4. Lovely blocks - almost done.... great to see the next wings is starting... the rain was lovely and washed the dust off - now the grass looks like a fire has been through it is so bare but should pick up quick. Awful for NZ.... just awful

  5. Gorgeous stitcheries Michelle...
    AND yes the rain is wonderful... xox

  6. Such pretty satisfied Michelle and I am looking forward to seeing your next wings block. Just awful news from NZ. Xx

  7. Lovely project you worked on Michelle...
    Such sad news in NZ..

  8. Such pretty blocks...such a sad event in NZ.

  9. We are only rivals in sports, friends in lots of other endeavours.

  10. Hi Michelle beautiful work my friend that you have done.
    So glad you got some rain the garden would have enjoyed it to. Very sad what happened in NZ our hearts go out to them,hope you have a lovely Sunday my friend xx

  11. Beautiful stitching Going to be another lovely quilt
    We need rain badly too

  12. Isn't it *funny* that you were stitching a harmony block and then saying prayers for your Kiwi cousins. Life is strange and that block speaks truly to all, no matter the circumstance.

  13. Beautiful blocks Michelle, so good to hear you have had rain. So very very sad seeing and hearing the events in Christchurch, NZ is so not like that.

  14. Great to get the rain. We are hoping for some here.
    Glad you finished some stitching to the lovely sounds of a storm.

  15. Your stitcheries are lovely. So sad and distressing about Christchurch. Unfortunately, actions like that just up the anti .


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