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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Quick Post

Cannot believe the aircon has been needed again.....lovely to have rain but not the humidity.....makes one feel a bit "wilty" something small and light needed to stitch.
Another "Wings" block to add to the pile.
I also appliqued several "hearts for Christchurch " blocks to be added to others to make quilts for victims of the terror attack at the Mosque in Christchurch NZ.
You can go to Angels in Gumboots on Facebook to read more about it if you wish to contribute.
One of my lovely readers noticed my last Beyond the Garden Gate block I am currently working on just happens to be called "HARMONY".....we can only hope!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Sweet "Wings" block...
    Beautiful Hearts 💚💚💚 that will help bring a little comfort.
    I will sew some tomorrow.

  2. Lovely heart idea....and cute birdie. We had some rain at the weekend and it has even been humid here.

  3. Love your wings block. The hearts are lovely. Yes i wish it hadn't gotten so humid after that lovely rain. Hugs,xx

  4. Lovely Michelle ... I am going to do some heart blocks also. Love your Harmony block so much!

  5. Love your little bird Michelle and your Harmony stitchery, don't we all wish that for the world. It is wonderful to see the requests for the heart blocks spreading all over the world.

  6. perfect thread fabric for your wings block... so clever. Lovely blocks altogether and yes, the weather is nuts

  7. Jump to garden wall designs - From the interesting design along the broad wooden retaining wall, to the stone fire pit in the center, the whole area beckons

  8. Lovely green hearts...I hope to get my other Sunday group in on the act too.

  9. Hi Michelle beautiful work my friend,lovely green hearts,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  10. Great work with your stitching. And nice work on those special hearts, too.
    Air con running here too due to humidity rather than temperature.

  11. Your latest projects are coming along beautifully. Yes, we certainly do need a bit more harmony in the world. These events seem to bring out the best and worst in human nature.


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