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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Eagles 2109

Saturday night the very nice man I am married to and our Son and Daughter got to enjoy his gift to us.....excellent tickets to our very favourite band the Eagles.
We had the best night and apart from sadness at no longer being able to enjoy the wonderful voice of Glen Frey, his son Deacon paid excellent tribute.
Took the Mister a while to work out why we were amused at his choice of T shirt for me......thankfully he cottoned on and exchanged it lol!
It was such a special night to share something we love with our children.....even though they would probably say they were brainwashed against their will having had to listen to the Eagles for all of their young lives lol!

With March underway I thought perhaps I should get cracking on my UFO CHALLENGE for Sunday Stitchers.
My No. 12 was 4 little orphan blocks that I had stitched as samples for my FROSTY FRIENDS pattern......with my stitchery drawings, I always liked to stitch a couple to make sure they stitched up nicely! Before I offered them for sale. I decided they would be much better sewn in to a hanger.
I used some orphan charm squares and some fabric I already had......not sure it's a cohesive piece but it is together.
I decided to hand quilt it simply.....
So now I am ready to get the binding on.....hopefully I shall make it before Sunday!
I have also managed by rising early these hot days to read 3 wonderful stories from Fiona McIntosh. My Mum passed these on to me.....I love reading in the peace and quiet of a sleeping house with coffee to enjoy.
So not a whole lot of sewing happening here of late.......books have kept tempting me away.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Wow! A spectacular night out. Live your Frosty Friends. Your hand quilting is so lovely and I think simple quilting often looks better.

  2. What a fantastic night you had, terrific. Your number 12 is looking great, it will be good to see it in reality.

  3. Nothing wrong with that at all.....such a cute little quilt, well done! A great night out, and one you will have good memories of for a long time.

  4. I've just been catching up on your blog. You have been busy, working on quilts, completing your circles, getting up to mischief with Fiona, while exploring. The concert looks like great fun. Thanks for sharing it all.

  5. What a great night out with hubby and family.....
    Frosty Friends , your No 12, is looking lovely...
    Just finished listening to The Tea Garden by Fiona Mc.
    Have downloaded The Perfumer and Last Dance...
    Thanks for thumbs up 👍🏼

  6. Wonderful night out for you all, I can see why you changed the t shirt!! 😊😊 love the Frosties, they look great sewn together there. Nothing better than a good book or three 😊

  7. How wonderful to see The Eagles with your family, we are Eagles fans too. Sadly a bit too pricey for us.

  8. Nice family time. Pretty stitchery.

  9. Lovely to have seen the Eagles. The shirt amused me & i can see why you exchanged it. Love your Frosties. Hugs,xx

  10. Great to be able to see the concert with family. That is so special. And I have heard they put on a great show, too.
    Your frosties are looking lovely with the blue fabrics.
    In that heat I think you are entitled to enjoy your books.

  11. Great to have that night mrs desperado! What fun. The mini looks good.... the challenge is getting things done...

  12. A wonderful family outing Michelle - looked like a good crowd there too. Loving your frosties ... love the blue you have teamed them with.

  13. I know you all had a wonderful time.

  14. Hi Michelle oh how exciting that you could see the eagles with your family ,so much fun.
    Love your frosties your work is always so beautiful ,well done my friend,hope your day is a good one Michelle xx

  15. I'm sitting here singing Eagles songs while I read & comment on your post.
    WoW what a band!!! xox


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