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Monday, February 18, 2019

February Sunday Stitchers

Yesterday was our February meeting for Sunday Stitchers.  As we were very close to Valentine's Day and Lynda was our birthday girl we decided to share the love with a Valentine's Day theme for morning tea.
Another lovely gathering with lots of great company and beautiful show and tell and UFO CHALLENGE progress.....which I have completely mixed up in my collages lol!
Sorry about that!
Helen has been super busy with wonderful minis, embroidery and quilts!
The black and pink quilt was also Helen's and  it was  a stunner! Noela had very cute Christmas projects almost done to share....beautiful stitching and thread.
Our birthday girl Lynda has been on a great trip to Japan and did some Shabori dying and weaving workshops and shared her results!
See that sweet teeny tiny little Japanese was 2 sweets gifted to us by Lynda....none of us could bear to unwrap it and eat it!
Sandi had lots of lovelies to share also.....minis, a travel group of zipper pouches and very cute camera ornaments!
Loved Inca's beautiful Flower Sugar's pretty on both sides! Maria had finished another glorious and very snuggly rug....we know we tested it out. Also a pair of cuties also from Cheryl.
Tatyana had pretty hexies and lovely cross stitch and a very OLD UFO she told us in the shape of a tote bag.....we all have those lol!
I was very happy to flash my No. 8
This month we have....
Which for me is a wall hanging of cute Frosties.....I will share them next post.
I worked some more on a Wings Block......too much talking resulted in reverse sewing.....TWICE!
A lovely day!
That's it from me.
Namasteand Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Wow so many stunning items, I'm with you I wouldn't open the sweet either, thanks for sharing. Guida

  2. Hi Michelle wow what beautiful work the girls have done and how exciting that Lynda went to Japan. Love your no 8 blocks they are stunning good luck for no 12 xx

  3. It's always so interesting to see what your group is working on, Michelle!

  4. What a glorious way to spend the day. Gorgeous projects. I especially love those mini, quilts and the black and pink one is very unusual and quite stunning. Love your blocks.

  5. I do love seeing what everyone is up to... there are some gorgeous goodies there...

  6. What a gorgeous Valentine spread for morning tea...
    Thanks for showing us all the beautiful work the ladies have worked on..
    Hmmm No 12 ,look forward to seeing your Frosties .My is Kira Koala 🐨 .

  7. What a wonderful day you all had. Lovely show and tell, gorgeous food and great friends to share it all with!

  8. What wonderful show and tell, you sure are a talented bunch of ladies. The morning tea looks pretty good too.

  9. Hi Michelle, great to see all the gorgeous work of the Sunday Stitchers, you're such a clever & inspiring group!
    You are making great work of the Postcards Quilt too & I love that you're already stitching locations & details on the cards.

  10. Lovely to see so much inspiration.

  11. Loads of beautiful projects, they are all stunning. Glad you can get together with fellow stitchers. Can't wait to see what's next :)

  12. What a great active group. Lovely work.

  13. Gorgeous show and tell - a great variety and plenty of interest... I'm not surprised there was a lot of chatting and unpicking!


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