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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Beautiful Work

Yesterday was our first stitching day for 2019. We met at friend Sandra's home to catchup. So happy to be back together after the break....almost a full compliment....missed you Anne and Moira.
When we walked in we were amazed at the simply beautiful quilt draped on Sandra's sofa. The work of another friend of hers. She is not a quilter and Sandra was helping her with the finer points of putting it together.....
It had four beautiful baby dresses handmade with smocking and embroidery on them. Then appliqued to their backgrounds.

They all had their own petticoat....this one....
Had this petticoat.
There was fussy cutting of the sweetest fabric.

Lovely applique....
And embroidery to embellish.
It has been professionally quilted beautifully as you can see.
Sandra's friend had also made a mini version.
It truly was a treat to see and admire and thanks for allowing me to share it.
Friend Lorel had put together a scrappy square quilt of what she termed 'uglies' but with lovely borders ......we thought it has turned out to be very nice indeed!
One of the many things I love in Sandra's home is her quilt amoire.
Ohhh I LOVE it! Just won't fold down and fit in my handbag!
We had a delicious morning tea and lunch....very spoilt!
I managed  between much chatting and admiring brand new Grandie photos (we had 3 over the Christmas break) to get a few bits and pieces done for the next round of 1797 Revisted.
Which now looks like this.

One thing that most of us love in our group of friends is reading and then talking about and giving critique on books we have recommended or shared with each other.  We are also women of a certain age and love, support and laughs about this stage in our lives are often amongst our topics of conversation. I think that is part of the reason I loved my new book so sad it's done! Off tomorrow to source another!
Liz Byrski is becoming a VERY favourite author!
Another long epistle folks lol! This meme on FB seems just right for today's post.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Oh the quilt is just gotgeous. Love the baby dresses. 1797 is looking lovely. Hugs, xd

  2. Such a gorgeous memory Quilt....
    Pretty round for your 1797 project.
    Will check out the book as an audio book, thanks.
    Love the colourful coat...

  3. What a stunning piece of work by Sandra's friend! Thank you for sharing. xx

  4. That baby dress quilt is just so gorgeous Michelle!! What a wonderful idea. Your 1797 is looking really lovely ... your verse at the end is great!! Love it!1

  5. What a lovely way of preserving memories in that quilt. Loving your EPP projects.

  6. How beautiful are the little baby dresses, and the quilt would look lovely in a baby room. Loving the colourful lady on Facebook! xx

  7. Lovely to see what is going on with all the show and tell, but that quilt with the baby dresses is very special. What a gorgeous piece.

  8. Oh my gosh, how lovely is that quilt....your 1797 is coming along nicely.

  9. What a sweet idea for a quilt! Love that hexie fabric......very Jacobean, like old embroideries. I like Liz Byrski's books too.

  10. That baby quilt is a-dor-a-ble! So much thought and love has gone into the making. Your piece is beautiful, too. What is the shape of the templates you're using?

  11. what a sweet baby quilt and made with so much thought and love.... as a fan of scrappy quilts I do love Lorels' too and that 'amoire' is gorgeous (even though I don't know that word!) and your EPP is growing nicely... I will try that author but I'm still reading Graham who you recommended last year!

  12. Good morning my lovely friend ,wow what a beautiful idea ,love the quilt ,i have never seen one like that before,thankyou for sharing it with us.
    Great work with your EPP,its growing nicely,hope you have a wonderful day my friend xx

  13. What a different quilt! fab EPP progess, don't you just love it, so soothing at the end of the day.

  14. Such a pretty little baby dress quilt, is there a story behind this, perhaps?
    Like you, I'm rather taken with your friends armoire. It's certainly rather special indeed.

  15. That baby dress quilt is so beautiful. Love your epp progress.

  16. Love that saying..never can have too much colour. One of the best things with quilting gathering is the support and friendship you can get. I enjoy Liz Bryski books too. That baby quilt is beautiful, such an usual idea. Your EPP is growing well, very nice next row happening there.

  17. Oh my gosh! That baby dress quilt is just beautiful!


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