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Saturday, January 19, 2019

January FNSI

We in blog land are so fortunate to have to lovely ladies who gather us together every month to stitch. CHERYLL at Gone Stitchin hosts us at the beginning of the month and WENDY at Sugarlane Quilts hosts us at the end.
If ever you want to join in click on the ladies names to see what it is all about.
Last night was...
I really had the urge to see what my postcards would look like with the fabrics and colours I had first just that!

I have to say I am pleased with it and like how it looks and I am sure will go quite well in our "Chateaux de Wheels" when it's done.
I settled down to hand stitching and completed Postcard No. 4. Target met for this month.
I have said before that I am loving personalizing them.....although in this one I think the Moto GP riders and the little Fairy Penguins may not be that impressed with my interpretation of them lol! But I know what they mean! Case closed!

It's been so warm all over this country of ours and often around this time not much is happening in the garden....especially my neglected patch.
However little surprises always delight...I have grown Croton bushes for years and never once noticed a flower on them....until now!
This shrub is covered in these long grafts with pretty maroon and cream puffballs on the stems....

I love these little grasses blooming away and looking pretty.
And have to say loving the way the succulents have taken to their wheelbarrow home....
I guess if you are mindful and pay attention, Mother Nature's tiny details are inspiring.
Ok I am off to be inspired some more by visiting the other Friday nighters and see what they got up to.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Your postcards are looking great. Your garden is certainly thriving in this heat and drought.

  2. Hi Michelle beautiful work I love how you have personalised your postcad blocks,well done.
    Your garden is looking awesome ,hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend xx

  3. Oh Michelle. Thanks for the shoutout. I love joining with you ladies each month too. Makes living in a rural area more bearable and less lonely that’s for sure. I’m loving your postcards. They look great and the way you’ve personalised the, is gorgeous. Doing those penguins proud! Gardens looking good too.... I love taking time and , literally, smelling the roses....nature truly is amazing xxx

  4. Love your postcards, they look lovely. Your garden is looking wonderful. Hugs, xx

  5. Your postcards look fantastic Michelle, love the penguin, I am sure they would be happy with their likeness ๐Ÿ˜Š are we going to see Queenscliff and chilli jam??? ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š your garden is looking wonderful, it is very special to get unexpected flowers.

  6. Love your personalised postcards and they certainly look good with your fabric selection. Such glorious abundance in your garden.

  7. I didn't know that crotons flowered, either! Love the postcards, such a lovely way to remember your travels.

  8. Yea the fabrics for your postcards are lovely... and great to see your postcard pictures. I remember when you went to Philip Island and everyone was so very cold.... Your garden is looking great …

  9. No FNSI for me as we are travelling down through Spain. Your fabric choices for the postcards looks good and your little motorbiker looks brilliant. Gorgeous flowers. xx

  10. Your post cards looks such a nice project to do.
    Lovely garden :-)

  11. Love your personal touches to your postcards, they really make them special and the fabrics are gorgeous.
    Beautiful plants thriving in your garden

  12. I think the PI penguins would be impressed Iam Looking good as always
    Your garden must be lovely

  13. Your postcards are looking great, Michelle. xx

  14. I think your PI postcard looks perfect. And love seeing the fabrics that you are using.They work well.

  15. Your garden looks wonderful Michelle. You can grow such different things to what we can grow over here. I am loving your postcards & love how you have personalised them. Have a great week Michelle Xx

  16. The fabrics you are using to sew the postcards together look lovely, will be a fabulous memory quilt...
    Your wee Penguin and Moto GP rider look good...

  17. Love your stitcheries, it will have lots of memories for you.

  18. Lovely to see your garden Michelle. I have never seen those flowers on the crotons and they are so pretty. And I love the succulents in the wheelbarrow, a great idea. Your postcard quilt is a really clever, creative idea, and looks lovely. xxx

  19. The postcards look great - your drawings are wonderful...nice to get a surprise in the garden.

  20. Lovely stitcheries and great to personalise them too...beautiful fabrics :)

  21. A lovely start to your project Michelle... I wouldn't have been able to resist having a bit of a sew and seeing how the fabrics all work. I'm looking forward to what other of your adventures will be stitched into your quilt! Lovely garden photos looks very lush and tropical.


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