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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Out and About

Good morning on this glorious Brisbane winter's morning.....beautiful sunshine streaming in through the windows whilst I write this post to you.
I got to share our beautiful weather with my friend Liz from our southern states, here to visit family this week.
We set off and stroked a bit of pretty fabric. Some came home with me.....
After that time for a coffee and chat. I took Liz to a very nice cafe with an amazing view of our city...bit hazy but still lovely.

The cafe is at the Mt Gravatt lookout and the cafe is called the Love Well Project.

We had a delicious Devonshire Tea.....
Which we throughly enjoyed along with a catchup about life and stitching.  A lovely morning with lovely company.
I will definitely be coming here again.....with Mr R. You see along with many other young Brisbane courting couples, we used to come up here for a kiss and a cuddle when we were dating lol! It used to be very busy.....premium lovers lookout!
I have to more little tags to add to my growing pile of tags for Ruth's Quilt by Leanne Beasley.....
Most of my stitching has been on my UFO CHALLENGE list project.
Slow going but progress is being made.
Apart from stitchery the right hand side is sewn.....
I love needleturn but these tiny bits are teaching me patience or pointing out that I am lacking in that department......also the old adage....finished is better than perfectly unfinished! I placed a 5c piece next to the leaves to show you their size.

I am having a quiet weekend. Keeping the Mister company as he nurses his very sore mouth and more stitching on my Yoko Saito block and a play with my pencils. I often relish being quiet. How about you?
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle ,lovely pic of you and Liz,how awesome that you both got to spend time together. Looks like a lovely spot,lol,too much information my friend,lol.Hope Gary is feeling better ,if not he soon will be with Nurse Michelle at hand. Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend xx

  2. I hope your dear hubby is okay. Lovely to catch up with a dear friend and stroke fabric as well as have coffee at a nice café. Lovely weather you are having up there. I admire your beautiful needle turning. It looks so lovely.

  3. What a great place for coffee - and you are helping someone. Beautiful fabrics and lovely stitching. Hope Mr R feels better soon. xx

  4. Great to have a day out with Liz.... I can imagine some giggles. some pretty fabrics found you.... Kisses and cuddles on your blog... what next??? haha... Love your LIttle needleturn.. it looks wonderful and I think you are beign a bit critical of your own work there.... have you nearly finished all your tags?

  5. Looks like you had a delightful catch up.
    And well done on those tiny pieces. Definitely not my favourite either!!

  6. I relish quiet times too Michelle. Lovely spot for a cuppa with a friend. Your tags are looking great. Hope Mr R's mouth is soon feeling better.

  7. What a lovely spot for a cuppa with a friend! Such pretty applique and yes, it is a bit teeny tiny......but very sweet and delicate.

  8. A beautiful spot to have a cuppa and chat with your friend, no wonder it was a favourite place for young lovers ❤️
    Nice blue fabrics and your tags look very pretty as does the tiny needle turn..
    I sympathise with hubby.

  9. Beautiful venue for you and Liz to have a catch up. I hope hubby is improving. Beautiful tags, my goodness those leaves are tiny!!! The flowers and vase look fantastic. I appreciate quiet time alot, always like having the house to myself from time to time.

  10. Enjoyed your post Michelle.always great to catch up with friends.Wish hubby a speedy recovery

  11. Wow once again exhausted just reading and looking at what you have achieved. Love the fabric it almost looks 3 dimensional. Sorry I can't do needle turn mine is all machine done. The cafe looks very lovely must visit one day. Have a great weekend in our gorgeous weather.xx

  12. I love the look of your needlework. You are such an achiever.When I see posts like yours I miss Brisbane, which I love visiting now. The coffee shop at Mt. Gravatt, where my husband went to Teachers College, looks really nice. Pauline

    1. Thanks so much Pauline. I love that a nice morning out helps other women xx

  13. Ohh I value the quiet, kidlets are all at school, hubby is in town for the day so the house is background music just quiet....
    Loving your ufo its gorgeous MIchelle...its soo nice to catch up with friends :) looks like you both enjoyed the morning out.

  14. Time with friends is so good... especially when you can take them to a lovely spot & share a good chat over a cuppa & tasties!

  15. You are a busy lady, so good when you can have a day out to enjoy. I loved the fabric you chose.

  16. Was a great morning Michelle. Loved the cafe so much went back with DD2 for a brownie(well worth it) Hope Mr R is now fully recovered. We finally made it home from sunny Brisbane 24 hours after schedule ( thanks Jetstar)... ok so one more day in the sunshine can't be bad.


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