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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Different Sewing

Good morning folks. Just a quick post today....I am off to accompany hubby to the hospital for day surgery to remove a misbehaving tooth and nuisance wisdom tooth.
I have my supplies ready....some tags to stitch and a book I am really enjoying.
Not a lot to show sewing wise as I have been working away on my UFO CHALLENGE LIST item for this month.....another Yoko Saito block.
Progress is slow as the pieces are so fiddly....but persistence is the key!
I must own up to lots of grumbling over it.
My daughter has done classic ballet since the age of 4 and had quite a great deal of success in this field and she often avails herself of adult classes at the Queensland Ballet Studios where she did a lot of training in her youth at their School of Excellence. But for some reason as all grown up as she is......the ballet shoes still come home to Mum for elastic and ribbon stitching lol!
So that was my "different" kind of sewing this week! Seems once a ballet Mum always a ballet Mum.
Well I must dash and get Mr. R where he needs to be.
Have a wonderful day.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. I loved the movie Chocolat, I'm sure the book is even better. I hope all goes well for your hubby. Good your daughter has a handy Mother!

  2. I loved that book and the movie, also enjoyed 5 quarters of an orange but I don't remember what it was about.... duh.
    Hope hubby is okay after his traumatic day..... and not too sore...

  3. Hope all went well for Mr R. Know what you mean about the sewing coming home.. I have to lengthen a couple of uniforms and sew a scarf for a dance costume!!! see you in a couple of days.

  4. Hope it all went well Michelle. I loved that book. xx

  5. Best wishes and commiserations to Mr R! Having only had boys, I have never had to worry about sewing dance stuff......

  6. Hi Michelle hope Gary gets through today without any dramas,nothing worse than toothache. Glad to see you are all prepared for the waiting sending you both hugs my friend. What a great mum you are helping out with the ballet shoes xx

  7. Oh dear, I hope the wisdom tooth business went well, so gruesome! And lovely to see M is still dancing, she will always be graceful. Happy stitching xo

  8. I hope your DH has come through the extractions with flying colours. As we age teeth can become a bit of a problem - personally I have never had Wisdom teeth. Not there in Xrays, never were there. But my kids have had trouble with theirs. Mind you I have trouble at the moment - breaking teeth and plucking up the courage to go to our local Dentist!!!

    1. Thank you Maryanne. He is not a happy a fair bit of pain 🙁

  9. Hope all went well with Mr R today.
    You were well equipped for your wait at the hospital..
    You are nice MUM still fixing DD ballet shoes.....

  10. Hope the Mr goes ok.... . Soft cold food may be his best friend......

  11. Hope all goes well with Mr R. Always good to have plenty of supplies when you are stiing waiting!! I guess yiu are the best with the ballet shoes 😆 so you get to keep that job. Hope the block does not cause you too many more grumbles.

  12. Yes... always a MuM...and we wouldn’t want it any other way really...xox

  13. Do hope Gary went ok today. He will require a bit of attention when back home. Well wishes for him. Hope you managed to get some sewing and reading done while waiting. Awwww I bet you enjoy the job of ballet Mum.

  14. Hope all went well and that you completed your different stitching.

  15. hope everything went ok for Mr R and there was plenty of custard onhand! xox

  16. Oh tooth troubles... yuk! I hope you hubby recovers well Michelle... the Tooth Fairy better have deep pockets for those extractions LOL.
    Had to laugh about the ballet sewing... my daughters still come to me with loose buttons & sagging hems!


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