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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Clever Friends

Good morning. I am a little late sharing my sewing day with friends last week. I warn you there are a few piccies. We had some beautiful show and what does any self respecting blogger do.....snap away.
Our hostess was Theresa and we began with a delicious morning tea and homemade scones....yummo!
And then the lovelies! Sarah's half hexagon quilt.
Theresa made one as well.....I took a shot of the back as Theresa's is not quilted yet...I guess you could make them 2 tone if you wanted.

Another of Sarah's using an Anni Downs panel and lovely piecing.

I just love Theresa's Pieces of Time quilt .

Robyn can't remember the name of this pattern but calls it the "Basket" quilt. Apparently a very old ufo....its so pretty!

Theresa's Cotton reel quilt is now a flimsy...
She was also proudly showing off her lovely bag just received in a Christmas in July swap.....we were tempted to spirit it away!
And lastly but definitely not least....Jan's embroidery because she was feeling left out lol!
We did get down to some stitching after much oohhing and aahhhing.
I worked on my Brinton Hall Stars and have only the centre circles to sew on.
When I got home I really wanted to see what my chosen in between the hexies fabric looked like....this is my choice.....gorgeous favourite fabric bought back as a gift from the US by my dear friend Ann.
I have used it in one of the big centre medallions. I think I am happy with it in the border.
So that's your quilty start to Sunday. Nothing nicer than admiring friends quilts and sharing some laughter and a cuppa.
"Dear friends are there for you in sunshine and shadow. If you have known such a friend you are truly blessed " Miss you Gaye xx

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle ,wow your friends sure are clever,such beautiful work and eye candy there.Your quilt is looking fabulous,well done my friend and i love that fabric that Gaye bought back for you,i think she would be very chuffed that you are using it and its so pretty. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday Michelle xx

  2. Lots of lovely projects to inspire.

  3. So many lovely projects. That fabric you're using is beautiful. Happy weekend x

  4. Such a lovely way to spend your day. With friends and beautiful show and tell.Oh and delicious scones with a cuppa.

  5. Wonderful way to spend you many beautiful projects to look at, thanks for sharing. That bag is gorgeous!! Beautiful fabric from the US.

  6. Very inspirational ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Gorgeous show and tell....time with friends is so precious, glad you had fun.

  8. LOvely things for you to oooh and aaah over!

  9. Love all the quilts en fabric, your Brinton Hall is beautiful. Love the way you spend your day with friends.
    The basket quilt name is Piece of Plenty is is now a download for free here:

  10. All I can say is “Wow”. What a clever bunch of ladies.

  11. what lovely eye candy there... always lovely to see peoples work... except that I then want to do them all!!

  12. Such beautiful work. Like you I love the Pieces of Time quilt, gorgeous. xx

  13. It's so nice to be able to share our talents with our friends. You have some very talented friends.

  14. Lots of beautiful projects from your clever friends, they all look wonderful.

  15. Some fabulous quilt tops.....busy and creative ladies!

  16. Lots of lovely quilts. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us.

  17. Thanks for sharing the show and tell. Love seeing what is happening.

  18. Wonderful projects. I like to watch such posts very much. When I watch such projects I have more enthusiasm to create my own projects. Thanks for this motivation and of course I am waiting for more such great posts.


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