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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Indulge Me

The weather has been a bit ordinary in our favourite camping spot but relaxing is the name of the game and that is being achieved....
Reading and stitching ......
Or just watching the locals going about their day.....

Our Son has finished his part of the Tour de Cure 2018 ride. He rode from Mackay to Midge Point through to Airlie Beach and had the most amazing and emotional experience. These photos are for my book of memories.
Beginning Day 1

Some of Lucas Mentors....he rates them fairly highly because trying to find motivation to train when you have had treatment that week or worked a full week was at times challenging.

And his destination and goal achieved!

Very proud of our boy and our family. Supporting him in lots of different ways.
Lucas said several moments stood out.....a little boy hugging him and giving $30 donation from his classmates. Giving a young cancer survivor is TDC wristband and having his wife and kids there to see him finish! They are now heading north on a bit of a holiday and then will be there to cheer the team in to Cairns at the finish.
So if you see the Tour de Cure team up north give them a toot of gratitude or better still thow some pennies their way!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Gosh I got a great big lump in my throat reading your post today Michelle. So, so well done by your dear Son. Xxx

  2. Congratulations to Lucas. Amazing young man and you have every right to be a proud mum.

  3. Well done Lucas!! Glad to see they are having a little holiday up north, and well deserved. Meantime, enjoy your time down there. Lovely part of the world. xx

  4. great holiday pics and wonderful Lucas ride pictures and news....

  5. So pleased he did well - he deserves a break now. xx

  6. Lucas has done so well Michelle - no wonder you are so proud of him. Hope you continue to enjoy your wee holiday away.

  7. How proud would you be of Lucas...well done to him and his team..hope they enjoy their holiday. I am with a few tears while reading. Enjoy your holiday, sounds like it is very relaxing. Consider yourself indulged. 😆😆

  8. Such a great ride Lucus. No wonder you'er proud of him and family.
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  9. Congratulations to your wonderful son and his team. You have every right to be a proud and happy Mum for what he is achieving. Enjoy your holiday stitching.

  10. Your son is amazing and an inspiration for everyone. Glad you are enjoying time away.

  11. Well done to all the riders for their amazing efforts.
    Lovely to see you relaxing regardless of the weather.

  12. Congratulations to Lucas. Well done. Looks like you are having a fabulous holiday. Hugs,xx

  13. How lovely to just be able to relax... well done to Lucas for all his hard work, such a worthy cause xx

  14. Hi Michelle what an awesome man your beautiful boy is,well done Lucas. So good to see you having some R&R my friend xx

  15. Hi Michelle what a fantastic job your boy and his team have done,awesome job Lucas. So glad you had a wonderful time away ,its a beautiful spot you go to ,hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend xx


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