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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Little People

Yesterday was Anzac Day. A special day of rememberance for Australians and New Zealanders of those of our armed forces that lost their lives in war and conflict .
I was very proud of my Grandchildren who all marked the occassion at school ceremonies.....our eldest Grandson sang in the choir and played in the band.
And our youngest Granddaughter laid the rememberance wreath, made by her classmates at the school service.
Great job!
Our oldest Granddaughter is having a special birthday today and as she is away we had an extra early cake for her.

Miss C is a lover of unicorns and all things Bling** and part of her gift was a unicorn shoulder bag.....
Its a big hit and has gone on her trip with her and is appearing in all her photos lol!
I am taking a little blogging break.....have packed a few supplies.
Tomorrow also our Son begins his 2 legs of the Tour de Cure from Mackay.
He and the team have trained extremely hard and I wish them a safe and successful ride. I am a very proud and nervous Mumma!
To all of you wonderful and generous friends and family who have donated and supported Lucas in his bid to raise funds for Cancer research through this ride....a huge heartfelt thank you.
If ordinary people do little things with great love, amazing feats can be accomplished!
See you all in a bit.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Enjoy your break, Michelle! My goodness, another birthday....they are growing so quickly.

  2. Goodluck for Lucas and the ride .....

  3. It is good to know that the young are encouraged to remember. Good luck to your son and I hope you have a lovely trip. xx

  4. Enjoy your holiday and good luck to your son on his ride xx

  5. You look well planned for your break... have a wonderful time... lovely to see the grandies doing so well... very sweet and all the best to Lucas and his ride...

  6. Lovely lovely to see the Young ones join in for ANZAC ceremonies.
    Lovely photos of the birthday girl. Cute unicorn bag.
    Good luck Lucas and all on the ride.
    Enjoy your bloggy break.

  7. Good luck to the Tour de Cure boys! What special times for your grandchildren, and I wish I had a unicorn bag :) Happy travels Michelle. xx

  8. Lovely to see the little ones learning about the countries history. Love the unicorn bag. Enjoy your break.

  9. Lovely to see the grandies in the Anzac services.
    And another birthday! Looks like the unicorn bag was a great hit!
    All the best for your break and good luck to the riders.

  10. Enjoy your break. Happy stitching too.


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