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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Everything Old is New Again

Nothing makes me happier than a piece of worn furniture from yesteryear! I don't need it bought back to pristine condition. I love the marks of its life on show. For that means stories and my imagination takes flight. The Mister groans as they seem to find me....definitely no shiny things for me lol!

I have been trying to work out where I can have a tiny art space in my home that suits my needs and the size of our had eluded me until I had seen an old school desk and I loved it. I knew that it would fit in a little nook off our living room.....but where to find one?
Expressing my thoughts to friends not long ago, a friend told we with great delight that she had one in storage...old and very well loved that she would love to find a home for if I would like it......very happy bunny dance here!
I got to put it in place today and try out my me crazy but I LOVE it!
I have paired it with my Grandads old Bentwood chair and they seem quite happy together.
The lid lifts up and is perfect to store my tins of pencils together all in the one place inside.....bliss!
So happy to now have a little space dedicated to my scribbling addiction...just need to stock my new art trolley with my supplies and I am all set.
When my dear friend dropped off the school desk she surprised me with the most extra special gift.....
An antique quilt block......wowee! Its so delicate and I loved seeing the tiny stitches.
It's from a family members collection and she thought I would like wonderful!
I shall treasure it always! It is amazing what some days reveal! Thank you so very much my lovely friend xxx
Now back to sewing related things.....
I have a little pile of YELLOW circles ready to stitch. This months selection for Rainbow Scrap Challenge over at So Scrappy
Also another little Angel Story block is waiting in the wings...Tillie the Tealady.
I now have the rest drawn out and templates made....just need to decide on who's wearing what! Always a difficult decision lol!
Enjoy your evening folks.

Namaste and  Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Such a wonderful friend. I love the old students desk and it's looks perfect with your Grandad's Bentwood chair.. Your art supplies look very happy.
    Such a pretty block she also gave you..
    Have fun deciding on The Angels clothes...

  2. Hi Michelle what a perfect spot for the desk,so much light there perfect for drawing,and I love the old desk ,what a special friend,enjoy your evening my friend xx

  3. love your "new" art desk, perfect spot too!
    that quilt block is gorgeous...lucky lady

  4. Your desk is delightful. And getting it from a friend is a real bonus. I can see it getting a lot of use.
    The block is beautiful. What a treasure.

  5. What a wonderful friend. A beautiful old desk and then she surprises you with that gorgeous quilt block too.

  6. oh what a great desk for your drawing... I love the old school desks too - it looks perfect there with an angel keeping watch.... lovely block to play with - will you make something special from it? Happy stitching...

  7. Beautiful desk & the chair looks great with it. The quilt blocks is absolutely gorgeous. Hugs,xx

  8. What a precious little desk! And i'ts just so perfect for your art supplies. I'm sure you'll spend many happy hours there, doing 'arty' thing!!

  9. What a great find in that desk, perfect for you and your art! The chair fits in well too, that is a beautiful block! Like the yellow circles too. Tilly looks great!

  10. Wow your new desk fits perfectly. Looks great in its little spot. Lots of inspiration from there I'm sure. The block is gorgeous. Love your angels.

  11. What a great find the desk is - and I love bentwood chairs, I can just see it with a pretty patchwork cushion on the seat. Lovely ol block too. xx

  12. Ah, a perfect desk, and a lovely old one too. It was meant to come to you, Michelle, and join the old bentwood chair. New furniture never has the same charm, for me either. Isn't that old quilt block gorgeous, too. Happy days :) x

  13. (I'm trying to visiualise the spot Michelle - in the corner of the room closest to the road?) What a perfect desk for you and I love how you have paired it with a special chair. Also what a lovely and treasured you think you will add to it to 'finish' it?

  14. Love all your work and your collection of pencils :)

  15. Fantastic idea using that desk. Hope you have many enjoyable sketching and painting hours. That antique quilt block will be well loved. I have more angels to prepare. I quite enjoy deciding what each one will wear.

  16. What a lovely spot you will have. I'm sure you will spend many happy hours there. I wonder how you will showcase your new old quilt block?


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