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Saturday, April 7, 2018


Well after a very frustrating visit to that Swedish Retailer....I must be the only person on this continent that loves their wares but hates the place....anyway I felt like I had run a easy dinner....loaded potatoes and salad.
And then I joined in with all my other bloggy friends over at CHERYLLS at Gone Stitchin for our monthly stitch in. Thank you Cheryll x
I worked on my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt and got the last border hand quilted!  Very happy girl here!

This one is soooooo ancient! Off to sew the binding on.....woohoo!
The upside of my visit to that unmentionable retailer is I now have a lovely new art trolley.....assembled by the man of the house after he recovered when I uttered words he hates......"Some assembly required" lol!
If you want to read my latest art blog post go HERE
Enjoy your weekend....binding awaits me.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Yay your beautiful quilt is finished. Love those trolleys they are so handy. I grab mine from Aldi when they have the rather than venture into the umnmentionable retailer. 😊😊. Hugs, xx

  2. Nice new header Michelle.
    Lovely to have your Grandmother's Garden nearly finished.
    Great new art trolley thanks to the man of the house for assembly...

  3. Love the butterflies in Grandmas gorgeous garden xx

  4. Hi Michelle your Grandmother's Garden quilt is looking fantastic,great Friday night's work,well done my friend . We dont have one of those swedish places near us,lol,but i like your new art trolley ,hope you have a lovely weekend Michelle xx

  5. Loving your Grandmother's Garden quilt. Woohoo for you nearly completing it. That trolley will come in handy.

  6. woo hoo!! how fantastic that you have finished your hand quilting!
    it's such a great feeling sewing the binding on
    great new trolley, I get annoyed with the
    swedish marathon required in those shops too... always lose my bearings and am scared I'll be in there for days!

  7. Well done on the quilting finish..hope you did the happy dance!! Great new header...hope the art trolley is extremely useful to make up for having to go to that place.

  8. Love that quilt !! And you got a nice trolley

  9. Well done on getting all that quilting finished, it is beautiful. xx

  10. Well done on your Flower Garden, it's lovely! Unfortunately I missed this Friday, have to remember next month!I like your new trolley,
    very useful,

  11. I hate going to that place too! They built a warehouse 5 minutes from me but did they build a store to go to? No. I hate the 45 minute drive which is nerve wrecking on a good day. I was hoping I wouldn't have far to travel but nope. I've only went twice and got lost both times. Then the huge building which is not conducive to those with knee issues. I do like a lot of their stuff but not enough to go through hell getting it. Love the Grandmother's Garden quilt. Quite the accomplishment

  12. It is a good feeling to move a UFO along to the next stage. I hear your hubby. Those put together items are the things that cause divorces. LOL.

  13. haha I know the feeling.... you have to go so far to find anything and I always get lost! the art trolley was worth the effort even if it had some assembly required! well done with the hand quilting... the flower garden quilt is gorgeous...

  14. Grannys Garden is another nice one Well done to you once again
    Nice to have a handy hubby xx

  15. I, too, am not a fan of said store. I feel like a gerbil on a wheel...once you get on "the walkway," you can't get's exhausting. I do enjoy their merchandise and their prices are wonderful for young people especially, but it's like a marathon to make it through the store!

  16. Congrats on finishing your quilt. We dont go to that retailer anymore, as I always get a migraine and I get lost. Lovely trolley. Take care Guida.

  17. Well done with the quilting. That is a wonderful achievement!!
    Glad you got the trolley you wanted even if it meant a trip to that store!


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