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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

It has taken me a little while to get to my April blocks for Rainbow Scrap Challenge. This month it's YELLOW. ANGELA at So Scrappy gives us our colour each month.
My blocks of choice are circles.
I was so happy to use that gorgeous bee fabric. I acquired that when I was looking to add to a giftie for my good mate FIONA for her special day. I do love a theme lol!
I have forgotten to share my foray back into doing a little cross stitch. It has been years since I had done I stitched a bee themed sewing book...
I chose the "Queen Bee" because my friend is the Queen Bee of quilting!  So I was thrilled when I found these Bee fabrics to go with it.
Of course being a fan of bees, some had to 'bee' for me too. I enjoyed the cross stitch and I think I may do a little more of it at some stage.
This week I have been in whingey whiner mode as I have had a misbehaving tooth and still have pain in my shoulder....needle tomorrow hopefully that will help!
But I can still sew and rotary cutting but Angels are still moving along at a nice enjoyable pace.
Sarah is getting some stitchery attention.....
I just had to give her hot pink specs....after all we quilters are hip and happening....even if our hips have already happened lol!
In my garden the orchids just keep coming.....

These were on the ground this morning. I suspect my fat bottomed Mum possum is the I popped them in a vase so as  not to waste their beautiful blooms.
That's all from me....enjoy your Thursday.

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle ,fingers crossed for tomorrow,hope it will ease the pain for you.I loved seeing how happy Fiona was when she opened your gift,she loved it all and i am not surprised as it was all gorgeous,i love the bees and the bee themed fabric. Hope your day is a good one my friend,Namaste xx

  2. I hope the needle helps. Love your circles & your Angels. Gorgeous needlecase. Hugs, xx

  3. Love your bee fabrics! Fingers crossed that the needle helps, they are pretty horrible things to have......but your lovely orchids can help to cheer you up.

  4. Hi Michelle, do hope you get that pain sorted out ... there is nothing worse! Glad you can still stitch though. I love your bee x stitch & those bee fabrics are gorgeous.

  5. Great circles, love the bees too. That was a beautiful present you made for Fiona. Good luck with the needle, hope all goes well.

  6. I do hope your pain is relieved soon. I love your orchids, something we have no hope of growing outside. Your stitching is lovely.

  7. Such pretty flowers! Those, along with your cheery yellow are a bright spot on a very dreary day here. mother Nature can't decide if it should be Spring or Winter!

  8. I love my bee themed fabric and needle holder - it is in use with the angels. So glad to see some of your circles in the same fabric. Your angels are coming along well and I hope using some of their magic to heal your shoulder. Lovely orchids... can't wait for mine to do that...

  9. The orchids are lovely and the angels are coming along nicely
    Hope you are feeling better Some people get great relief from the injection xx

  10. I wish you all the best, Michelle. Kisses, my friend.

  11. Lovely crossstitch. Lovely gift. Your angels are looking great. Hope the needle helps. Have a great weekend

  12. Sorry to hear about your shoulder and your tooth. Hope it has sorted out. Glad to see that you can still get into some stitching.

  13. Sorry to hear you are unwell. Funny, I broke a tooth and have ended up having to endure a root canal. So many dental visits, so little stitching time. Your circles look wonderful and I love the bees. Dad just picked up another queen bee for his hives. Quite interesting to see how they pack her up. Lovely pressie for Fiona.


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