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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Stitching Day

Yesterday I had a really nice day spent stitching with friends over at ROBYNS From Pidgeon Patch at her new residence......and I did stitch! We were all very industrious. Robyn has lovely trees around her...
Where wallabies and free range chooks come for a visit....Robyn allowed me to take a couple of piccies.....I loved this plaque on a fence on the property.
Robyn and her hubby have lots of wonderful quirky memorbillia and I love the old dunny that used to hold the horse feed...
Adore this Kitchen dresser.....and she has TWO!
I think someone I know made the mini hexie quilt.
Look at this cute little machine...
Lovely stitching around too.....

I wished I had bought my bigger bag to take home a few items lol!
What you may not know about our blogging friend Robyn is that she is also a lovely artist.....this is one of her gorgeous pieces....
Just beautiful! We have a selfie tradition if Robyn is here it is lol!
You can see work on the Tillie Angel block is coming along nicely.
A lovely day had by all.....missed a few friends......thanks Rob xx
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle wow what a beautiful place Robyn has and wow her painting is amazing gee has this girl got talent,thankyou for sharing your day with us my friend,Namaste xx

  2. Robyn's new home looks fabulous. Love the dresser. Hugs, xx

  3. Lovely to see a bit of Robyns new place and great to have you girls christen it to some good stitchy yacking...

  4. What a wonderful peaceful place to live in. Love the painting also and I am so in love with your beautiful quilt. Guida

  5. What a beautiful piece of artwork - and a beautiful home and garden too! Glad you all had fun - and stitched. xx

  6. What a great day we all had. Robyn has some beautiful things around her lovely new home. We did get some sewing done but lots of talking and laughing. Xx

  7. Very special to see some of Robyns new place, her art work is beautiful..always wonderful to have a stitching day with friends.

  8. Such a lovely environment to visit. Love that dresser and the cute mini quilt that"someone" made. Love that little sewing machine. I have a similar one that my grandmother had as a child. Another talented lady like yourself.

  9. Oh, this is so lovely. Congrats to Robyn on her new house, perfect Country Living. That dresser is absolutely beautiful, and I'd be making off with the wire chookie basket if I had half a chance, lol. What an artist too, that bird study is gorgeous. xo

  10. Beautiful setting to get together with friends. A lovely home.

  11. looks like a great day at Robyn's........always great to see a friends new home.........

  12. How lovely of Robyn to welcome you all to her new home - and what a risky thing it was for her to do too - with all the drool worthy bits and pieces around tempting those of you with big bags!! It looks like a lovely spot and sounds like a great day.


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