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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Same but Different

Yesterday I was lucky enough to catch up with my friend LIZ from Village Quilters in town to visit family.
We had delicious coffee and cake at a quaint little coffee shop close by....I just loved the gorgeous vintage mirrors and chandeliers. Cake also came on vintage plates...luvverly!
It was great to chat face to face. Even though SE Queensland has not been a particularly pleasant hostess with recent weather! I was very happy we could still get together despite it.
The other exciting thing was that Liz had been making my Cherries and Chocolate quilt design featured earlier in the year in Homespun magazine.

And she bought her version to show me. Liz has made hers in wonderful pieces from her stash and is very different to has a beautiful Retro feel....
Liz peeking over her quilt lol!
It never ceases to amaze me how you can take a design and through your own fabric and colour choices make a quilt your own....the same but different! I am always humbled when others like my design enough to make one of their own.
So nice to see friends from so far away. Safe travels Liz xx

Certain plants in my garden have decided to ignore the weather and bloom their heads off. My Cooktown Orchids have gone crazy!
I have a darker variety and it was not going to be left out...
I was even surprised by a blue ginger which I had grown from a friends cutting quite a number of years ago.  It has never flowered before.....
Those little buds have now opened into teeny little flowers.
I love when my "look after yourself" garden surprises me this way.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Great to see you and Liz catching up. And how special to see her quilt using your design. It is lovely to see variations of all sorts of patterns.
    Your plants are looking lovely.

  2. So good to see you and soooo glad you like my version of cherries and chocolate . Think our return journey will be much easier. Definitely flying next time!

  3. So nice for you to meet up with Liz..her variation of your pattern is lovely. You have some beautiful flowers appearing in the garden.

  4. I always love how people can use the same pattern and end up with totally indivudual quilts too. Some beautiful flowers there. Have you drawn any of them before?

  5. beautiful ladies, beautiful quilts, beautiful flowers. What more can you ask for. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Good to see a lovely variation of your quilt and very nice to catch up over cake I am sure. Pretty flowers. xx

  7. Very pretty variation of your lovely quilt nice that you got to spend time together! Lovely flowering plants, I always like that fresh burst of life in the garden when autumn (and rain) comes!

  8. How lovely you got to meet up......

  9. Beautiful variation to your quilt. Love the orchids & the ginger. So pretty. Hugs,xx

  10. Good to see Liz got there safely and you had a great time

  11. Hi Michelle how lovely you got to catch up with Liz,she was rapted that you signed her quilt.
    You have a beautiful garden my friend.xx

  12. What fun it is to catch up with friends. Liz quilt turned out beautifully. I got my eHomespun yesterday with your other pattern in it. It is so beautiful. Congratulations my dear.
    Your orchids are so pretty.

  13. Sew nice to meet up with Liz.. love her version of you beautiful design.
    Lots of lovely flowers.

  14. It's been a busy week of catch ups for you.... Liz's quilt is lovely - so great to see the two together. Pretty orchids and that blue ginger is such a lovely colour.... not always much blue in gardens...

  15. Wow its hard to believe its the same pattern, they are so different and both stunning. My garden is also flowering abundantly too, must have been all that lovely rain. Take care, Guida.


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