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Friday, April 7, 2017

The Old and the New!

I have continued on my quest to keep working on my UFOs and completed "R"
From my Country at Heart Alphabet pattern.
I have friends who have already finished theirs so it has languished long enough....
"S" is very close to being finished also.
Because I was sooooo good at sticking with my Baltimore  and getting the top completed, I have given myself permission to finally begin Vases of Flowers by Yoko Saito. I have been hanging out to start. This is block one.
It is taking me a wee while to get my head around the understated colourway but I like how it turned is certainly taking a bit of concentration as well.
Block one of Gardener's Journal is also stitched. I know its a little one but begun is half done as the saying goes!
Yesterday I went on a bit of a road trip to see my friend FIONA from BubzRugz  I had lovely company on the journey from another friend SUSAN from Susan's Sewing Space
 So I actually got to stitch a long in person with Fiona on our Gardener's Journal blocks. We had a very nice and caking and a whole lot of chatting.
Time goes by far too quickly when you are with lovely friends.
Fiona and I were playing around with my tablet trying to achieve that Hollywood look with our photo..... not sure what we got lol! Thanks girls for a fun day xx
I am trying to clear out some cupboards having done one earlier in the week, I tackled another this I am off to the charity bin as the back seat in the car is now full. AND THEN.....some quiet stitching!
I wish you a lovely weekend.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Lovely projects you are working on, both old and new....
    Sew nice to have spent time with Susan and Fiona.
    LOL interesting photo of Fiona and you...

  2. Oh you have done so much...I think so need a relax. My projects seem to be mounting up. What a lovely day you must have had...sounds perfect. Enjoy your weekend. Xx

  3. Oh how wonderful you girls got together....... Love gardens journal.....

  4. Hi Michelle love your stitchery and I am glad you are starting your new project ,you have wanted to start on this for so long,lol.
    So glad you had a lovely day with Fiona and Susan,so nice to catch up with good friends xx

  5. Your blocks look lovely. Hugs,xx

  6. Lovely to catch up and spend some time with Fiona and Susan, nothing better that stitching time with friends. Your stutcheries are beautiful, love the dog in the kennel!! Finished R and on to S, not far to go now!! The Vases of Flowers is so pretty. Always fun to start a new project!!

  7. good to see the alphabets resurge.... and your doggy block done. Another stunner of a new quilt started - you have lots to do to keep out of trouble! Was great seeing both you and Susan....

  8. You manage to get so many beautiful stitcheries done...

  9. Love your 'R' and the GJ block is cute. Must piece mine together sometime this year lol. Loving your sweet Yoko block. Looks like you are having heaps of stitching fun. Raining down here with little thunder. Hope the weather is okay up your way now.

  10. Love all the stitching. Next time hope I can get to meet Fiona.... back in rainy Melbourne safe and sound. Can't wait to sleep in my own bed!

  11. Lots of lovely stitching, Michelle. It all looks great!

  12. Lovely work Michelle - the vase of flowers is gorgeous. xx

  13. It is interesting to look back at the UFOs we have a see when they were started. I am sometimes shocked to find ones I thought were from last year turn out to be 4 years old! Still worth doing, though.
    Lovely work with the vase and flower block. That will be very different.
    Lots of lovely stitching.

  14. How lovely to have a get together with friends! I like the vase of flowers a lot, although I understand what you mean about getting used to the understated hues. I would have the same challenge.

  15. Love that Vases block..a fabulous day catching up ...lovely quiet time to chat drink coffee and sew.

  16. Your Yoko Saito block is stunning Michelle. How lovely to catch up with Fiona and stitch A Gardeners Journal together

  17. As always your stitching is perfect. Its great to spend time with friends. Take care, Guida.

  18. I pulled out my Country at Heart stitching the other night too- can you believe I abandoned it when I just had ONE block left to do!!! (the U, but I haven't done the extras yet, I'll decide on a setting and see how many I need!). Nice to see yours dusted off too. How wonderful that you had a girls day stitching with Fiona and Susan...I bet that was a fun day...hope there was a good amount of stitching,not just the chattering and cake eating :-) Oh whoops, also love your vase.... I have that book too and drool over it!


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