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Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Longest UFO!

Did you hear that huge sigh***** It was yours truly because...finally all the corners are done on my Baltimore Quilt borders.....
The swags and hearts are all appliqued in place...
And I have a completed quilt top! Woohoo!
This project has been going on for YEARS! I began in 2006. The designs are from Pat Weir-Smith and I love them still. Do you have a little list of blocks you would just love to do? I always wanted to stitch the Baltimore Basket Block with the little Album.
So glad I got to tick that off my special little list! Even stitched a little wattle for the Aussie flavour.
Having said that, there is a big fat fib contained within that little fabric book.

In 2012 I got all enthusiastic and was so certain of completing it I put a finish date in the little! I am definitely NOT redoing my booklet so I guess an explanation will have to go on a label on the back. One must not get ahead of oneself!
I have decided to hand quilt this one and I am not making any predictions of a finish date!
I have a half finished orphan block leftover from this undertaking.
I love it too much to waste it, so I am going to complete it and as I still have some background fabric left I am going to build a quilt around this block.
All that quiet stitching time was thanks to Cyclone Debbie. Thankfully we are high and dry and no damage. My beloved Jacaranda didn't fare well. A huge limb cracked, split and fell!

Easily cleaned up with a bit of muscle work but with closer inspection we discovered it really needs to come down for safety reasons. In the big picture nothing really.
I hope all of fellow Queenslanders  have emerged unscathed and my heart goes out to those who have not.
Please continue to take care out there.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. So glad you finished Michelle, it's a stunning quilt. 😍. Hugs, xx

  2. good things often take time.

  3. Your quilt is beautiful! Such a shame about your jacaranda, they are lovely trees, but as you say you escaped lightly compared to many other people.

  4. Beautiful finish Michelle and hand quilting it will be a perfect finish. So gladd all safe with you but sad about your tree. xx

  5. Your quilt is beautiful Michelle and is a fantastic flimsy finish regardless of the time taken. The quilting will be another lovely adventure for you and I'm sure you will enjoy that just as much. Am pleased to hear that you are ok after the Cyclone; a shame about your beloved Jacaranda though but as you say, small in the big picture.

  6. Well done on the finish to your quilt top, it is beautiful and well worth all the effort you have put into it. Hand quilting will be a pleasure for you over the cooler months. Shame about the tree but better to be safe than sorry. Good to hear you were hugh and dry and no damage.

  7. your quilt looks stunning... I hope I get to see it in person.... Glad you are out of the water - tree was lovely - will you plant a new one?

  8. Love the Baltimore and the little fib! Glad you didn't suffer with the cyclone. We made it to Brisbane by sat evening.finally

  9. Congratulations on your quilt finish - such a lot of work to make a Baltimore, a real labour of love. And you will enjoy the hand quilting too, I'm sure.

  10. What a stunning quilt! I had to chuckle at your anticipated finish date. Sad to lose a tree but the benefit of jacarandas is that they do grow quickly if you replace it.

  11. Your quilt is so beautiful. Well worth doing over all those years. Lol, I suppose you thought making that booklet would urge you to complete it by then hehehe. Glad you didn't have much damage fron the cyclone.

  12. Beautiful job, well done. Take care, Guida.

  13. Enjoy the next stage of your quilt. It's a lovely storey. So glad you weren't damaged by the weather

  14. Congratulations on the finished top. That has been a marathon effort, but well worth it with a lovely result.
    What a shame about your tree, but how lucky it missed buildings. Take care!


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