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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Pears and Plates

I am very excited to be featured in the April issue of Homespun magazine with my quilt Pears and Plates. I really enjoyed all the components of making this quilt.
Talented friend FIONA from BubzRugz quilted it for me.....I was so thrilled with it.
It is  so nice to finally reveal it to you all now....and you thought I hadn't been doing anything lol!
I really hope you enjoy making it if you choose to as much as I did.
Before I close I just wanted to express how proud I am of our Son and family and friends who have helped Lucas exceed his fund raising goal in the Longest Melanoma March from $1,000 to $3,000. Thank you so much for your support.
On the weekend my Son and DIL travelled down to Sydney to once again walk with Jay Allen and accompany him on the last 17 kms of his 1200km journey in 29 days from Brisbane. 

Our very lovely DIL Cara....such an amazing and loving support to our Son.

Met other folks in the same situation. ....Luke Lewis...Cronulla Sharks footy player...Melanoma doesn't discriminate!
Lucas with the very inspirational Jay Allen....who raised an incredible  $217,000 from the March.
Without these crucial funds being raised our Son wouldn't have had access to life saving new drugs. 
So grateful!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. The quilt is so beautiful Michelle, and so original too. I always like a pear motif and this is just lovely. Congratulations to Lucas and to Cara; they really are champions. All that walking just does my head in - they must be sooooo fit!

  2. Beautiful quilt Michelle and congrats to Lucas and Cara.

  3. OMG Michelle this quilt is absolutely gorgeous I love it and can't wait to get the mag,love Fiona's quilting ,what a team you two make,congrats my friend on your wonderful design.
    Also well done to your amazing boy for supporting Jay and raising so much money ,well done to everyone involved and a special hug to Cara.
    Namaste and blessings to you and yours Michelle xx

  4. That is a very beautiful quilt Michelle and congratulations to Lucas and Cara for all their hard walking. xx

  5. Congrats on your beautiful quilt being in the mag! Lovely to see all the support for your dear son.

  6. Your quilt is stunning for your family they are awesome you must must be bursting with pride ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Congratulations on having your beautiful quilt published!! It's just so lovely. What great work your son is doing.

  8. It was delightful to open the magazine and see your quilt project. It does look gorgeous!!
    And well done the all the walkers and fund raisers. Very impressive.

  9. Well done to your son! Your new project is gorgeous - you did a great job keeping it a secret.

  10. Your quilt is beautiful. You do such beautiful work my dears. Can not wait to see it in Homespun.

  11. The quilt is beautiful Michelle, congratulations to you for being in themagazine and also to Fiona for her beautiful quilting. Also well done to your son and daughter in law and to Jay Allen for the walking and fund raising. Famtastic effort.

  12. your quilt is gorgeous and they have photographed it so nicely in the magazine.... well done to Lucas and Cara.... and of course the whole team...

  13. Love your quilt. Wonderful news about the fund raising, sending you prayers for your sons continued good health and that they find a cure for everyone. Take care, Guida.

  14. Firstly congratulations on (another!!) beautiful publication Michelle... and then secondly well done to Lucas and Cara and everyone else on their march for Melonoma - how proud you sound :-) xx

  15. I too am so proud of Lucas..........and I wish him all the best as you know........


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