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Saturday, April 22, 2017

FNSI The Extended Version

I began FNSI at 10am with a sewing day with my friends.....selfie courtsey of ROBYN at Pidgeon Patch
There was some lovely show and tell.....Theresa's lovely quilt. I forgot to ask the name of the pattern but it is so pretty!

A few of the girls have been working out of their Edyta Sitar books and making the House quilt  and the Spool quilt. 
This is Sarah's beautiful spool quilt (these are SO on my bucket list )
Diane has her spools ready...

But she has been busy finishing her House quilt top....did I mention I love these quilts!
Fionna to the right of me in our selfie was celebrating a birthday. Diane baked a delicious Victoria Sponge. I  would love to have shown you but unfortunately on my plate there wasn't even a crumb left lol!
It was a very nice day with extremely nice friends.
I continued on with my hand quilting after dinner. ..not very exciting for you but it was for me....on to side 3!
I have 3 different needles threaded...1 for each side of the border in the ditches and one for the stippling in the centre.
I  find doing it that way keeps everything under a similiar tension and helps not to get puckers or for me anyway. So after a night channel flicking between my favourite "who dunnits" on the ABC and Fox for the Broncos game, I was happy with my evening. I hope you enjoyed yours too.
Thanks WENDY for hosting us again.
Well must fly....more decluttering happening here and must get stuck in.
Sadly this is not true for me today...
Ahhh well! I did have a wonderful quilting day yesterday.
My sidekick awaits. Enjoy your weekend. 
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Oh what FuN to have FNSI last all day long. Seriously jealous here...hahah
    Love your quilting... xox

  2. Beautiful quilts the ladies are making/have made. Your quilting looks fabulous. Hugs,xx

  3. Good morning my lovely friend what a fun day you had,love the pics and gorgeous show and tell,hope you have a wonderful weekend Michelle,Namaste xx

  4. Looks like a great fnsi to me, Michelle... spending it with friends is the best & their work is just beautiful.

  5. What beautiful quilts! Love Teresa's one!
    Happy quilting, looks like you are going great guns

  6. Way to go.....sounds like a great day was had by all.

  7. Your photo of your quilting is very inspiring. Good you enjoyed your time together

  8. it was very nice to catch up and yes the cake was very yummo....

  9. Oh what talent this group of ladies have. I was left in awe and also eagerness to get stuck into some sewing. Fantastic day with wonderful friends. Your hand quilting is beautiful.

  10. Lucky girl....perfect day ❤️❤️❤️

  11. A lovely and full day of stitching. Great show and tell, as well.

  12. Can't beat a stitching day with friends...your quilting is coming along very nicely...

  13. Wonderful to have a stitching day with friends, always good for the soul!! You sound really well organised with your qullting which is looking fantastic. Love all the show and tell, that house quilt and spool quilt are beautiful.

  14. I really like your quilting and need to take some lessons from you I think. A lovely day had by all. Mmmm Victoria sponge....yum.

  15. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful quilt finished
    Your quilting is fantastic

  16. Looks like a wonderful day with fun friends! Love your quilting! I have yet to tackle hand quilting a whole quilt but maybe one of these days!

  17. What beautiful quilts your friends are making - I can't decide which one I love the most! xx

  18. Oh my goodness - those girls are so clever. LOVE everyone of the projects they are working on


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