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Monday, September 28, 2015

A Few More Samples For Sale

Good morning. As promised I have 3 more samples for sale. Just a reminder this is for Aussie girls only because of the postage costs. I am asking $2.00 postage on top of the price.
No. 1 "Beary Friends " wall hanging $15.00 (this one needs a hanger or pocket)

No.2 "Decorate your Heart" wall hanging  $15.00

No.3 "Sisters " wall hanging  $25.00

Poor old "Cherish" cushion cover is still available. I am reducing it to $8.00 + postage.

Email me if you are interested at 
As you know I have been having a good old heave ho and clean up in my sewing room. I share the space with hubby when he works from home. 
Excitement!  I can find my sewing machine and actually cut things...

All the boxes are back on my shelves....and a bit lighter believe it or not! 

I was so over it yesterday that I planted some herbs and a geranium cutting I was gifted on holidays. Well imagine my surprise this morning when I  discovered that MumPoss had helped herself to the Italian parsley.
I totally forgot possums love parsley.....she does test the friendship some!
Have a lovely day.
Namaste and blessings.
Michelle  xxx  


  1. good morning my friend,lots of lovely projects there waiting to go to new homes,oh that naughty possum,lol,i hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  2. Your samples are so pretty they won't last long! Ah, a nice tidy sewing space. I know how long that will last. I cleaned up my sewing space once, too. My housemate came home from work and asked me if I was leaving. By the next day, everything was askew again. You'll have to plant double the parsley, half for you and half for MumPoss! I'm sure she appreciates your 'kindness'.

  3. A clean sewing room is a great feeling, Michelle! Cheeky Mum Poss......hopefully your parsley will re-grow, perhaps in a different spot?

  4. Hi Michelle - I'd love "Decorate your geat" please - can you tell me what the size is??

  5. lovely to have a tidy workspace, my sewing room is the only room I don't mine cleaning!
    naughty miss possum eating all the parsley. She must be a gourmet possum?

  6. I entered my sewing room today, tossed out a few things that were on the table and put things away. Then I turned around, saw all the things decorating the floor, and promptly walked out and shut the door LOL.

  7. Your sewing room looks great. Oh dear I hope you get to have some of that parsley. Hugs, xx

  8. Now you have tidied you won't be able to find anything!
    Naughty possum..we are having the same problem with rabbits grrrrrr.

  9. I am sure MumPoss thinks you only leave the pots out for her and no other reason.
    Sewing room is looking good!


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