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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Farewell Holidays

Hello everyone.....I'm back from my very relaxing break. Of course you know there will be those boring holiday snaps...I did try and limit them and collage a few so as not to send you all scurrying away.We stayed at our go to spot for a laid back break...."Beautiful Bruns" as the locals call Brunswick Heads in Northern NSW.
We had lots of lovely freshly caught fish dinners...
BLTs at our favourite cafe "The Terrace" such a friendly bunch and delicious food.
Treated ourselves to the "best" burger I have had in a long time at the Bangalow Hotel....
Do you ever say "must visit there" and never do because it is close to home? We have said that about Cape Byron for ages so we decided we had waited long enough..
 It's our most easterly point....
It really was a glorious day and you could see for miles.
Two humpback whales, mother and calf delighted us by cruising past. Now you probably won't be able to see them but I am including it so I can always remember just how special it was.
Speaking of creatures....I encountered a few. I especially loved the water dragon out on the groin....just chillin'. A couple of surfers were sitting so close to them and he never moved.
We also visited the town of Ballina....I loved the sculptures down by the river which runs beside the main part of town...
It was showery yesterday which really helped us feel not tooo sad...although we were a little as we packed up our home on wheels.
"Swannee" as she is affectionately known as is back snug in her garage waiting for our next journey.
I do have some blocks to show you but I shall do that next post....I am presently up to "Q"
on my Country at Heart Alphabet blocks...
 Which stars our favourite thing....QUILTS!
Whilst I certainly enjoyed the break from work, technology, stress and worry, there is something special about 'coming home' especially when you get knocked over at the door by little people who love you and whom you love right back....I am so blessed with my family.
See you next time,
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. looks like it's been a relaxing and enjoyable time away!
    welcome's nice to have been missed by your grandies x

  2. Glad to read you had a lovely break away Michelle, that photo at the end of you being greeted by your grandchildren is just priceless.

  3. Good to know you had such a wonderful holiday and are now home with your beautiful family. Angel hugs.

  4. Welcome home Michelle! The holiday looks like it was very relaxing.............but there is something about coming home! although I have always found you need a holiday to get over the holiday!!!!

  5. Hi my gorgeous friend,love your holiday pics and dont you miss the grandies so much when you go away ,and its so cute they miss you as well,enjoy your weekend my friend xx

  6. There's nothing like a holiday......and there's nothing quite like coming home again!

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  8. Fabulous photos Michelle, looks like a great spot to visit! Great you got some stitching done - and isn't that an awesome homecoming photo :-)

  9. Sounds like a fabulous and relaxing holiday in a beautiful part of Australia, Michelle :-)

  10. Fabulous break away! Love the nature shots, seeing the Humpback & Baby must have been special, i saw a pod of Orca years ago and I will never forget how wonderful the experience was, it was like I had been given a gift.

  11. A lovely post, and lots of nice photos Michelle. You had a good day for going to the Byron lighthouse - and I hope we see a whale and calf when we are down that way next month! Happy weekend and welcome home. xx

  12. lovely holiday shots. pleased you had a fabulous break..always great to be home again, i cant wait....

  13. Looks like a great holiday spot, and so relaxing. Always nice to get home too.

  14. Welcome back from your holiday. With batteries recharged will we see new designs and projects?

  15. Lovely holiday photo's. Welcome back. Hugs,xx

  16. Love the holiday snaps and welcome home
    The last photo of your home coming is so beautiful

  17. Welcome home!! Lovely to see the photos! How lucky to see the Mum and baby whale cruise past!! Wonderful welcome home you had!!

  18. Such gorgeous photos. Sounds like a perfect holiday Michelle

  19. It looks like a wonderful break and the photos are lovely. It looks like the weather was kind to you and didn't limit your exploring. How lucky to see the whales. That is special. Great to see the sculptures, too. Love seeing art in the community.
    Yes, there is definitely something very special about coming home to family.

  20. I have enjoyed seeing your pics... lovely and glad some sewing was done... that last pic with you and grandies is just so special...

  21. Sounds like a fantastic break, and a wonderful welcome home :)


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